Friday, February 24, 2017

Living Arrangements

I am SO behind on posts, that I'm going to back post some to get caught up to what is currently going on.  In the latter part of February we enclosed the other side of the barn to make another area to keep pregnant goats.  Hubby built a pen attached to it.  We moved Garnet and Topaz into this area because their due dates are March 7th and March 13th.  Sorry the pictures are dark.

Goats can easily give birth out in the pasture, but since this is our first time as well as their first time we wanted to have them where we can monitor them more closely.  The other reason is because we are trying to tame them all down.  Coral is still pretty feral, but Garnet is coming along great!  She will even approach and let us pet her. Topaz is a total pet as usual.

Above you can see where we are using the old chicken nest boxes as a hay rack.  It works out pretty well!

That started the long, impatient wait for more babies.....

Oh and here is a picture of the pen he built.

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