Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Viruses, Spyware & Malware! Oh my!

Ugh!  What a week it's been!  I've been having some issues with my computer, but I didn't think much of it (thought it was because I was almost out of space on my hard drive; too many pictures lol) until I started getting alerts from my virus protection.  Unfortunately a simple scan didn't fix it.  It took three days of downloading and scanning with several spyware and malware programs to get it clean again.  Sheesh!  I got rid of several problems, but I'm not one hundred percent sure where they came from.  I know for sure one was a hijack of Adobe Flash Player (please make sure all of your adobe and java programs stay up to date because if they are out of date they are venerable to hijacking).  I'm also beginning to think they came from Facebook . . . 8o

So I've disabled all addons (calendar, birthdays, games, etc.) on Facebook and will now only be using it to follow my friend's status updates.  I also installed quite a bit of browser protection and malware protection.  Hopefully I've got my computer on such a lockdown nothing will get through again because I really don't want to deal with that again!!

So sorry I've been AWOL again.  I'll try to get a new Appreciation post up as soon as possible.  :D  I'm also going to try to get around to visiting your blogs soon too.  Thanks for hanging in there guys!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Appreciation #1

Sorry, I haven't been writing in my blog (and for not reading your blogs).  I feel bad for abandoning you guys.  I've been feeling really down for a while now and I've been having trouble pulling myself out of it.  Besides that I've been really busy and it's been extremely hot here.  We did finally get rain, but it wasn't enough.  We need more....

Anyway since I made a promise to myself to not write about the negative stuff in life on my blog (that's what private journals are for lol) and since I've been having trouble remembering the positives in life I've decided to do a little post series called Appreciation.  Basically each day (when I have time to post, may not be every day) I'll post a picture and/or comment about something I appreciate in my life.  I'm hoping it will put me in a more positive frame of mind and help pull me out of this funk.  It will also help get me in the habit of posting to my blog again.  :)

So first up we have my husband!  I appreciate him so much.  He's my best friend and is always there for me and always supportive of me when I've had a bad day or if I'm doubting myself.  I can't imagine my life without him.  :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We need rain!!!

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while.  I've been so busy.  I just wanted to mention that we are having a horrible drought.  We have had less than two inches of rain since April.  We need rain!!!  So if you're the praying type could you please pray for rain?  They are even banning fireworks and restricting water (which I never remember happening around here, but I grew up with well water, so it might have happened before, not sure).  We're not allowed to water anything outside, including gardens and I'm assuming they mean our animals too?  I'm just thankful we have two ponds on the lease land!!  So anyway, everyone is doing okay here, we just need rain and a respite from the heat (it's been over 100F everyday for months - this sort of weather usually doesn't start until August).  Thanks guys.  I'll try to get caught up on all of your blogs and start writing in mine again soon.  I hope everyone is doing great!  If I've missed anything important in your life you can leave a comment and I'll come see your blog first (instead of going in order on Google Reader).  :)