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Mac is a Yorkshire Terrier.... or well he's supposed to be.  He's either mixed with something or he just grew larger than a Yorkie is supposed to be.  We weren't too upset when he got bigger than he was supposed to because he's so robust and was able to withstand the rough play of a grown husky (my sweet Stormy) better than a petite, delicate little Yorkie would have been able to.  :)  Mac belongs to my mother and he was born in October of 2003.  Here is a picture of him shortly after we brought him home.  My mom crocheted that coat for him.  :D

He will appear on the blog a lot more since I'm living at home again.  :D  The five acres around our three houses is fenced in so the dogs roam together and regularly visit the other houses looking for handouts LOL!  They usually succeed with my grandparents.  :)

I recently gave him a haircut!
This was my first time clipping a dog.  :)


Lady was five years old when I met her in 1995.  She is a 14hh mare of unknown breed, but she has Appaloosa characteristics (sclera, mottled skin, etc.) so I usually just call her an App.  A lot of people think they see Arabian or Mustang in her.  I have no idea, but it didn't matter to me when we traded our Thoroughbred for her in '95.  I was just so excited to have a horse I could ride on my own (since I could only ride double with my dad on the OTTB because he was too much for me to handle at that age)!

For the next twelve years she was my best friend and she taught me so much!  She taught me to ride, to fall, to pay attention, to trust myself, to trust her (often to find the way home when I got lost), etc.  It broke my heart to give her to a close friend in 2007 because I was moving away and couldn't take her with me.  Fortunately I have moved back (2013) so I live very close to her again and I can go see her whenever I want.  She's 24 now and only 14hh (I'm 5'11") so I probably won't get to ride her again, but I'm just happy to be able to see her.  My friend that I gave her to says she's part of the family and she won't ever be going anywhere.  It sometimes makes me sad because I would love to bring her back home, but I understand how he feels.  She's a one of a kind, once in a lifetime mare.  I still love her to death.

All of the pictures above were between 2001 and 2004.

She was 21 in this picture in 2011. 


Below animals below belong to my very best friend.

Me posing with her Friesian mare Z that she purchased in Feb 2014.

Me riding Z.

There is a cat and a colt that I don't have pictures of, but I'll post them when I do.  I need to get an updated picture of the paint colt too because he's grown now.  I love all of her animals like my own so they are featured on the blog fairly often.  :)

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