Gone, Not Forgotten

Storm Glory
6-21-01 - 2-24-14

Name: Storm Glory
Nicknames: Storm, Stormy, Stormish, Girly Girl
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Breed: Siberian Husky
DOB: 6-21-2001
Height: Approx. 23 inches
Weight: Approx. 40 pounds
Color: Gray & White
Likes: Running, playing with Jackal, escaping the yard, food and treats.
Dislikes: Firecrackers, being brushed, baths, etc.

Storm's Tricks

Easy Obedience (Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Drop It, Off, Come, Leave It, etc.)
Out (leave the room)
Go Inside (meet me at front door)
Go Upstairs (we had stairs in the house where she grew up)
Paw (right paw)
High Five (left paw)
Are You Psycho? (shake head no)
Sit Pretty
Spin (her left)
Turn Around (her right)
Take a Bow
Leg Weaves

Growing up my favorite breed of dog was always the Siberian Husky.  I'd wanted one forever and was saving my money to buy a puppy from a breeder.  On my sixteenth birthday my parents took me to see some puppies and I came home with Storm! She has been the best first dog ever (I grew up with dogs but they weren't actually mine) and I've learned a lot with her. I discovered clicker training with her and quickly became fascinated with the new way of training.  I owe her every success I've had with Jackal because she taught me everything.  I love this dog!!

My beautiful Stormy died on 2-24-2014 from chronic kidney failure.  There will always be a piece of my heart missing.  I will always miss my gorgeous girly girl.


Gray Kitty

She Who Must Not Be Named a.k.a. Gray Kitty... yes we are Harry Potter nerds LOL!  Gray Kitty belonged to my husband before I met him.  He got her as a kitten from a retired military German lady in 2001 before he even moved to the state where we live now, so she's traveled some miles.  She's a spayed female cat of unknown breed, but she so closely resembles a Russian Blue that many people ask if she is.  For all we know she may be.  All I know is she's gorgeous, friendly, extremely smart and a total pest!  :D


June 1998-May 2014

2-27-2010 - 11-25-16

Name: Crockett
Birth Date: 2-27-2010
Breed: 100% Myotonic
Sire: 100% Myotonic
Dam: 100% Myotonic
Gender: Buck
Tag#: N/A
Tag Color: N/A
Date Acquired: 8-6-16
Offspring: N/A
Single/Twin/Triplet: Twin
Weight: 8-7-16 - 153lbs
Birth Weight: N/A
Weaning Weight: N/A

Crockett is a registered, pure Myotonic buck.  He comes from foundation stock.  He has a show history and wins that span several states in the region.  He was injured several years ago and now has a crooked leg and arthritis in both knees, but it doesn't slow him down.