Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Stills - T.V. Shows and Movies

This week on Sunday Stills was pictures of T.V. shows and movies we like to watch. Ed suggested we have everyone guess what movie or show the pictures were from so please post your guesses in the comments. I'll post the answers in a couple of days so be sure to check back. :)


Series. It has horses in it. :D

Movie. Kevin Costner fans will know this one. I love this movie!

Series. Sorry the quality wasn't so great. I was taking them from my laptop.

I meant to get more pictures of movies, but I didn't have time. I can't wait to see your guesses. :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Escape

I won't even go into the details of my day, but I will tell you the worst thing that happened and it will give you an idea how my day went. I got home from work around 10:30pm. I had my arms full of stuff when I went inside so I left the door open while I put it down on the chaise lounge. Then I went and fed the animals which took about half an hour. When I came back inside I realized Storm was gone! She apparently slipped out the door while I walked five steps into the living room to set everything down. It was open less than a minute. Jackal was still inside. I can't believe she went out the door without my permission! I've left it open a million times before. Argh!

It took an hour of searching and probably a quarter to half a tank of gas between the two cars to find her. Now at almost midnight I'm a little pissed. It's been an incredibly long day and I have to get up really early in the morning. She apparently went swimming in a pond, so I gave her a bath as her punishment. I'm proud of myself for never yelling at her or anything. Normally I'm so scared when I finally find her that I scream at her, but I didn't. I just gave her a bath. And she didn't dare whine or try to get out of the tub like she normally does. She knew she was in trouble. Good grief dog you're almost ten years old! What are you thinking!! So anyway I'm going to bed now. I'm totally exhausted.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Delay

I had a rotten day mainly due to a migraine all day so I didn't resize pictures. Tomorrow I'm going to be incredibly busy all day long and I have to close the store so I doubt I will be posting. Maybe if I find some time before work I will. I don't know for sure. Sunday is going to be busy too. I'll try to get the pictures posted soon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Break From Pictures

I haven't updated in a while because I've been posting so many pictures lol. I posted some cute pictures of Chrome on his blog (click here) yesterday if you want to check them out. I went back looking at his training journal and I've stuck with the clicker training almost every single day for a month now. :) Maybe I can keep the motivation to work with him everyday all summer. I've worked with Zeppelin four days straight now. :) He's doing well with it. I've been posting his progress on Chrome's blog too.

I've worked with Jackal a little, but probably not as much as I should. I need to get back to it because he's finally started offering the shy behavior all by himself. I only have four more days to work on it before I put up a new poll for our next trick (although that won't stop me from continuing to work on it). My plan is to teach him twelve new tricks this year and post a video at the end of the year showing all of his new tricks. :) So far that's kept me motivated to actually do some training instead of stressing me out with deadlines. I also like having the poll to get you guys involved and I also have a training partner Jen over at Black Dog Blog. It's helping me to stay motivated, now I just need to work on consistency. I'll get there though. It's so worth it when we learn something new together and have fun doing it.

Poor Stormy has a yeast infection in both ears, so a groomer friend of mine came over to shave the hair out of her ears. Siberian Huskies have so much hair it can be difficult to clear up infections. With no hair her ears will stay dryer which will help them heal faster. She hates her treatments but she's actually doing well. My groomer friend also trimmed the hair between her pads. She did not like the clippers at all! It went much the same as the hair dryer experience of 2002 lol. She just doesn't like anything that resembles grooming. I wish I'd known about clicker training when she was a puppy. Once the ear infection is cleared up I'm going to use clicker training to desensitize her to clippers. :)

My husband's back still isn't any better . . . :( In fact his doctor has finally admitted they don't know what to do and so have referred us to somebody else. It's really frustrating as it's been six months now and no progress. I'm going to try to convince him to try acupuncture so if anyone has success stories to help me convince him to go bring them on lol.

Other than that I guess there isn't much else to report. Things are quiet right now which is a good thing. I'm just working as many hours as I can and I'm looking for a full time, better paying job although it's going to kill me to leave the job I have now. I'm considering a second part time job just so I don't have to leave where I am now. We shall see. Anyway I'll post Storm's snow pictures tomorrow. Night everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jackal Snow Pictures II

Here are the rest of Jackal's snow pictures.

That's all folks. :) We have storm's pictures left and then I am so done with snow. Bring on spring!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jackal's Snow Pictures

Well I finally finished resizing Jackal's snow pictures from the ninth. Some of them are weird looking. I tried messing with the contrast in a photo editor, but wasn't able to do much for them. Some make him look really dark. I picked out the best ones though. I'll have a few more tomorrow too. Enjoy!

This one looks really weird but was too cute to not include.

I always catch him in really weird stride. I did recently learn how to do really fast pictures on my camera so I'll have to try it sometime to see if I can get a cuter running stride. :)

This is a much steeper slope than it looks.

Too cute. Shows how deep the snow was. We got around eight inches and Jackal is nineteen inches tall hehe.

Hiking a leg. Brat.

I'll post the rest tomorrow.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jackal Shy Video Update

I know I still have a week to work on Shy before our time is up for this trick, but I had the camera on hand so I just hit record. :) Here are a couple of pictures of the cutie.

Isn't he cute?? I haven't worked on duration at all, but if you can watch the video you will see toward the end I actually take the tape off of his face and he was doing it by himself. I don't know how I'm going to add duration. Any suggestions? Here is the video. It isn't too long so I hope you all can get it to load.

So, what do you think? Going well? I partly made and posted this video because I am sooooo procrastinating resizing the rest of the snow picture lol. If I never seen a photo editor again I'll be happy. :) I will get them edited and posted though. I still have Jackal and Storm's pictures to post. It will be worth it because they're cute. I haven't worked on crawl at all this month. I'll get back to it. Since I'm teaching one trick a month my plan will be at the end of the year to make a video showing off his twelve new tricks. At least that means I have a whole year to work on crawl because it's by far the hardest I've done so far I think. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

In case you don't follow Chrome's blog here is his progress report for this month. Check out the cute video at the end!

Date: 2-19-11
Age: 21 months
Height: 15hh ¼in (60.25inches)
Height Gain: He grew half an inch.
Weight: Approximately 830lbs.
Weight Gain: Approximately 20lbs.

Progress: Yay, he made fifteen hands! I did a bunch of clicker training. I did work on hindquarter yields like I wanted to. I also worked on head lowering and lateral flexion, which I think would be considered softening. I'd say this month was a success. We didn't do much walking, but we had lots of fun with the clicker training and growing apparently. :)

Goals: I want to continue working on clicker training. I won't put anything specific because there's no telling what I will decide I want to work on. I would like to get some more walking done and maybe a bath. I guess that's all for this month since I don't know what the weather will be like.

And for fun here is a video we took this morning of Chrome working on smile. :)