OrangeJello (pronounced kind of like Angelo from the name Michelangelo with orn instead of an; in fact sometimes I call him Michael OrangeJello) is a stray cat that a customer gave to me when I worked at a feed store.  He joined the family in the fall/winter of 2015.  He is full grown so we don't know his age for sure.  He is the friendliest cat I've ever met and LOVES to cuddle.

He's not scared of anything, including the horses.

If you are outside, he is glued to your leg.

He did not like the snow!


Emi is a stray cat we found who had five kittens in our horse hay.  She was very wild and skittish... until we caught her in a live trap and started petting her.  All of a sudden she was completely tame and a total love bug lol.  She must have belonged to someone, but she has chosen to make this home now and I don't mind.  She's a gorgeous cat.  We will spay her once the kittens are weaned.



Pharaoh is the only male kitten from Emi's litter.  He has the most unique coloring and is very chunky (his nickname is Chunk).  He's still a little skittish.  I haven't done a very good job taming them... oops.  He's hard to take pictures of because he never stops moving!

Kitten picture below because.... CUTE!


ShadowCat or Smokey

Shadow is the second kitten we kept from Emi's litter.  She is going to be a great huntress!  Hubby watched her play with a vole for an hour!  She started out really skittish, but now she is a cuddle bug!  She is a total lover.  

Kitten pictures because.... again CUTE!