Friday, November 17, 2017

Jasper's Crew

 Pharaoh is such a gorgeous cat!

Now it's time for the rest of the pictures from last weekend.  This post will focus on Jasper and his herd, but it will also have pictures of the cats and one of Jackal in it too.

I don't have many pictures of Jasper's crew because frankly they are disgusting!!!!  All of that nastiness on Big Mamma's face and body is molasses from that gross protein tub. I can't wait for them to finish it so they can switch to the bucket kind which doesn't get as messy.  Part of the problem is Jasper's beard gets in it and then he rubs all over the does.  Don't worry the pink is not blood, that's from his marking harness.

We got Big Mamma, Dottie and LeeAnn from one of hubby's coworkers on October 9th.  They are all tame, but have varying degrees of friendliness.  Big Mamma is in the middle.  She can be a bit skittish and doesn't like to be restrained (and weighing almost two hundred pounds you can't really restrain her against her will), but if she is allowed to approach you she loves having the base of her horns scratched.  It's so funny because she will sneak up behind you and position her head under your hand so you have to pet her.  :D

 Jasper is filthy!  He's happy though lol!!

If you've read the blog for a while you know about Jasper.  We got him in the spring of 2016 as a kid.  Hubby worked hard to make sure he was handled a lot and kept friendly so that he wouldn't turn into a dangerous buck during breeding season.  It's a good thing too since he's close to 230 pounds now!!  He still acts like such a baby sometimes and loves attention and reassurance.  He's so laid back and fairly easy to handle (sometimes he can be a pain while having his hooves trimmed).  He is doing great with his leash training too.

Emerald (Emi for short) is always following us around.  She is the mom to two of our other cats Pharaoh and Shadow.

 Emi is so pretty.  Look at those eyes!

Here are a few more pictures of Bid Mamma.  Lazy girl was laying down eating out of the molasses tub.

She let hubby approach her and pet her without getting up.  She's getting less and less skittish the more time we spend with her. 

Jasper wants some molasses too!

LeeAnn joined Big Mamma at the tub.  She is filthy too!  I hate sharing pictures of them looking so disgusting, but I want to share them with you guys, so I hope you won't judge them for their appearance at the moment hehe.

I finally got a decent body shot of LeeAnn, although her expression is so derpy with her eyes closed and her mouth open.  I wish I knew what other breed she has in her... she's an interesting color.  She definitely has dairy goat characteristics, but I don't know what breed or percentage.  She is the friendliest of the three and the loudest!   She loves attention and food.  She weighs about 100 pounds, so she weighs less than Coral even though she's about the same size.

It's hard to get pictures of the older doe Dottie because she's always at the feeder, but the above picture shows how enormous Jasper is.  Dottie weighs slightly less than Coral at 143 pounds and hubby is 5'10" if that gives you any idea how big Jasper is.  I'll try to get better pictures of Dottie next time.  She is the most skittish of the three, but she's very slowly coming around with all of the food bribes lol.  She was also thin and wormy when we got her, but now she's worm free and she's gained almost ten pounds already.  She's starting to look really good.  I can't wait to see what they all look like when they shed out their scraggly winter coats next year.

 Emi was rolling around in the grass being cute.

Shadow was hanging out too, but she was up in the trees and I couldn't get any good pictures.  It's getting really late and I'm exhausted, but I wanted to get these posts scheduled for the week.  Sorry for making this post shorter than the others, but I need to get to bed.  Work comes early in the morning (it's actually Sunday night right now).

I'll leave you with a picture of Jackal.  This is the expression he gives me when he's ready to go inside and I'm lollygagging taking pictures hehe.

P.S. OrangeJello (the other cat), the squirrel and the dove are all doing well.  I'll try to update you about all of them soon too.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Random Updates

 I just wanted to share some random updates.


Hubby won't let me have a hedgehog so I got Jackal a stuffed one.  He loves it!

Jackal is doing well.  He has lost 7 pounds in the last six months which is a really good thing.  It is difficult getting weight off of dogs, especially older dogs, but a pound a month isn't that bad.  A pound of extra weight on a dog is like ten pounds on a human.  You can tell he feels so much better.  I'm glad my grandparents are finally taking me seriously and stopped feeding him.

He has fatty tumors popping up in several places.  It scares me because one is pretty big.  There is nothing we can do about them though.  It just makes me realize how old he is and scares me thinking how little time he has left in the grand scheme of things.  He turns ten in January.  I can't believe he's almost ten!  Where does the time go?  I'm enjoying every second I have with him. 

He was so lonely after Storm died, so now he spends the days when I'm at work at my parent's house with their dog (mom stays at home with my brother because he's disabled) so he has company all the time now.  He loves going over there and he's not depressed anymore.  It's actually a good thing for my brother too because Jackal will let him pet him, but my parent's dog Mac doesn't because he's a cranky little get.  My brother actually told my parents that he wants a dog like Jackal because he can pet him.  It's so sweet and kind of sad too.

We had a scare with Shadow.  She disappeared for a couple of days and when she showed back up she could barely stand up.  It scared me so bad!  Hubby took off work and took her to the vet.  She had a blood parasite.  I forgot which one it is, but it's not contagious to people.  The other cats could get it if they share ticks or fleas, but we switched tick control products so hopefully that won't happen.  She had two injections and some other medicine and completely recovered.  Sadly there is always the chance it could come back if she is ever very stressed out.  :(  It's so sad.  If you have cats that spend time outside make absolute sure you keep tick meds on them and don't be late....

My job has been a bit better lately.  We have new management and the new manager isn't afraid of spending money (the previous manager pocketed all of our unspent budget), so we got some much needed upgrades.  New chairs instead of the ten year old ones and new monitors instead of the old CRT monitors (you know the big kind that weighs fifty pounds).  It was ridiculous how outdated our equipment was when our company claims to be up on current technology. *rolls eyes*  The new manager also got other things that help us save so much time like a label printer, website access that allows us to get reports instantly instead of sitting on hold seven minutes and then having them faxed to us and a scanner that we can use to scan to our email instead of having to wait on a manager to email it to us. 

All of these improvements mean less overtime because we can get our work done faster.  They are also hiring a full crew instead of running us shorthanded on purpose to save budget money.  Some other improvements are fun incentive programs like a pumpkin carving contest where the winners get gift cards to the place of their choice.  It encourages team work and some fun in the office instead of the place being like a prison.... anyway my team won the pumpkin carving contest!!

Chomp chomp!  I love the little pumpkin's terrified expression.

 Here it is in the dark.  Isn't it awesome??
We had a fun Halloween.

So it will be so nice having less overtime.  Unfortunately since the time changed I still won't have a lot of outside time in the light, but I have high hopes for the spring.  Maybe I'll actually get to ride my horse!  I also no longer want to quit my job haha!  Well that's all for now.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I can't wait for the year end reviews because that's the absolute only way I'm going to be able to get caught up at this point.  I miss you guys!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Boers turn...

 Garnet has such a photogenic face.

Here are some more pictures from last weekend.  This time I'll be focusing on the Boers (percentage) that are out in the horse pasture.  They spend most of their time eating....

It's fun watching them climb trees and contort themselves to reach leaves up in the lower branches of the trees.  The kids are fun to take pictures of because they play around more.

 This is Tanzanite and her brother Taz below.

 His expression is hilarious.

Their parents are Jasper and Topaz.  Both kids are super friendly like their parents.  They both love being petted and scratched.

 I like Taz's markings.

It was so cute when Topaz settled down for a nap or to chew her cud.  Taz had gotten into a nest of fire ants and his leg was hurting, so he kept propping it on her back to chew on it.  I felt so bad for him.  They eventually learn to avoid the ants.  In the above picture Topaz started using her horn to scratch her back where his foot was resting.

 Then she started chewing her own leg...

 ... so he had to come around and see what mom was doing.

I love this picture.  They are so adorable.  Topaz is one of my favorite goats.  She is super friendly.  You can pet her, hug her, scratch her, whatever you want to do and she loves the attention.  You can touch her anywhere including her face and horns and she likes it.  A lot of goats don't like their faces and horns messed with.  She is always one of the first to come see me and hangs out with me when I'm out in the pasture.  I love how personable she is.  She definitely passes her sweet temperament on to her kids as well.  She's a very good mamma as well.

 Tanzanite joined her mom and brother.  Topaz stretched her head back to check on her daughter before settling back down for a nap.  I love how they moms still hang out with their babies even though they were separated and weaned before being brought back into the herd.  The kids may forget about nursing, but they don't forget who their mom is.

Tanzanite (or Tanzy for short) was chewing her cud.  She is so adorable!!

She has such a pretty face!

While they were napping Andesine was rubbing against the barn wall.

I love how her ear was stuck straight up against the wall.  Her brother Champ was rubbing against the wall too, but I forgot to upload his picture.  Oops!!  Champ and Andesine are both friendly, but more independent and not as personable as Taz and Tanzanite.

 Then Andesine (Andi for short) went over to lick salt with her mom Garnet.

Brother and sister Champ and Andesine settled down for a nap too.

Champ looks the most like his dad Jasper.  He has the same coloring and even the same spot on his withers.  He's the biggest of all of the kids too.  We didn't need another buck, so we banded him and Taz.  They will make good companions for the bucks or we will sell them to pet homes. 

Then hubby started rattling around in the barn and they all thought it was feeding time.

While waiting for feed they like to stand with their feet on the cinder blocks.  Above is Garnet with her two kids Champ and Andesine.  Garnet is beautiful, but not the friendliest goat in the herd.  She doesn't like being handled and can be difficult to catch at times.  She isn't scared because she will eat out of our hands and let us pet her every once in a while.  She kind of reminds me of a cat.  Standoffish unless she decides she wants attention.  It's her way or the highway.

She always has her silly airplane ears out sideways when she's being wary, which is practically all the time lol.  She was either talking or chewing cud in the above pictures.  So funny. 

Last but not least is Coral, Amethyst's mom.  Coral was raised in a herd of over a hundred goats on several hundred acres with very little human handling, so she was basically feral when we got her.  She is around four or five now (we've had her a little over a year).  She is still very wary and skittish, but she is improving.  She isn't terrified of us anymore.  She used to throw herself into walls and fences and through windows trying to escape.  Now she just tries to dodge around us, but if cornered she will let us catch her.  Once caught she doesn't fight anymore, she just stands quietly while we do what we need to do (measure her, deworm her, trim hooves, etc.) until we turn her loose.  The biggest break through is that she will now walk up to us and eat feed out of our hands.  That is huge for Coral! 

She was the only purebred Boer we got with our original group.  Jasper, Garnet and Topaz are all percentage Boers.  She isn't top quality Boer genetics, but I still think she is beautiful.

One of her faults is that she has a flat face.  Boers are supposed to have roman noses.

We measured her again last weekend and she is 160 pounds, so a decent size for a Boer doe.  I can't wait to see what her kids with Jasper look like.  The only kids of hers that I've seen was Pearl (Boer/Savannah cross) who we gave away and Amethyst (Boer/Myotonic cross).  It will be interesting to see what her kids will look like with Jasper.   They won't be pure Boer because Jasper has dairy goat in him, but they will be high percentage Boer.  Next year we will be breeding her with a Myotonic again (probably Daniel), so I'm excited that we were able to breed her to Jasper this year.  I'm always excited for kids though hehe. 

 I'll leave you with a picture of Taz acting just like his dad Jasper hehe.  You can see pictures of Jasper laying flat out on his side in earlier posts.  I'll post about Jasper and his crew in a couple of days.  Bye for now!