Saturday, December 3, 2016

Rest in Peace Sweet Gray Kitty & Crockett

We had to put Gray Kitty to sleep today.  She was fifteen years old.  My husband got her as a teeny tiny kitten in 2001 from a retired military German lady.  He's had her for her entire life.  She had a really great life, spoiled rotten.  She was housebroken just like a dog and even knew how to use the dog door.  She lived inside and outside at her own whim.   She's even lived in multiple states.  I met her when I met my husband in 2006.  I don't even know what else to say.  My heart is broken.  I can't believe she is gone.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of her...

She was so young here.  He didn't have kitten pictures though.

 She ruled the roost inside and outside.

I need to find the original full sized picture of this one.  I love it!

 She had such an expressive face.

 Gorgeous eyes!  The prettiest eyes of any cat I've ever met.

 Taking one of her much loved dust baths.

 Again those eyes!

 She had such a fluffy winter coat.

 She and Jackal even got along.

My heart is broken.  She was a lone cat for so long, that when we got the other cats they started beating up on her, so she went back to being an indoor only cat.  Luckily she was able to enjoy sun bathing on the screened in porch though, so she still got fresh air.  It was good timing anyway because she was slowing down, getting arthritic, etc.  I want to remember her like she was before though, a fiery spitball that ruled everyone back in her day.  I've loved a lot of cats in my life, but I can truly say she was the best one of them all.  I'll never forget her.

Things have really been rough lately, because we also lost Crockett the day after Thanksgiving.

Even though we didn't have him long I was very attached to him.  He was the first registered purebred goat I've ever had, the first Myotonic, the first trained show goat, etc.  He was a very special goat who had lived a very good life.  I was worried he wouldn't make it through the winter with his crippling arthritis, but I had hope.  Sadly hope isn't enough.  Maybe it is for the best... he would have suffered so much in the cold weather with his arthritis even though he had a stall in the barn.

I will miss him so much and I'm just thankful he bred the does, so we will have Crockett babies running around next year.  I'm at a loss for what we will do next breeding season... I had so many plans for Crockett... but we have time to figure it out.  For now I just want to focus on my does and kidding out healthy babies next year.  I forgot how heartbreaking the goat business can be... or life in general with animals... :(

 I will miss you sweet boy.

Monday we will get back to my scheduled squirrel posts.  I'm glad I made them and scheduled them a while back because I really don't feel like blogging right now.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Jack's Outside Time

 There are two things that are really important for squirrels.  Calcium and Vitamin D.  Calcium is taken care of through a careful diet, but vitamin D is best absorbed directly from the sun.  So every day after work I would take Jack outside to play on our patio furniture and soak up some rays.  When he got big enough to be loose on the porch we started just letting him play on there instead since one side is west facing and he can sun bathe on the window sill.  Do any of your know if they still absorb sun through window screen?  I know they don't through glass, but I think they do through the screen.  Anyway here are some pictures of his first few days outside.  Oh and these are crappy cell phone pictures... sorry!

First day outside...

Second day outside....

 Jackal was obsessed with him in the beginning.

 I love how he flattens himself out on his belly when he wears himself out.


 I also started putting branches on the chairs so he could have fun on them.
He LOVED that!

Third day outside...

Fourth day outside....

He wore himself out so much he fell asleep in my arms.  He opened his eyes for the picture darn it.  It was so cute though and such a special moment because he's normally so full of energy that he doesn't like to cuddle.

 Seventh day outside...

 I LOVE when he stretches out with his tail curled.  So cute!!

Ninth day outside...

You can see him grow right before your eyes in these photos.  :D

That's all for today.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Beautiful Does (Headshots)!

I love taking close up head shots of my girls.

 I think Garnet should be a supermodel.  She is gorgeous!

 I just realized I didn't get any of Topaz.... probably because she is such a cuddle bug now I can't get her to stay off of us long enough for pictures.  Considering how feral all of these goats started out (literally not handled their entire lives except for routine maintenance), I'm amazed at how friendly and personable Topaz is.  She reminds me so much of me Jasmine that I used to have.  Garnet is not far behind her, but she's a little more wary.  She doesn't act terrified anymore and she will sniff our fingers, but she isn't up for full body scratches and petting yet.  She will get there though.

As for the others.... I have no hope at all that Coral will become friendly.  She was four or five when we got her and mostly untouched, so she's super suspicious of humans.  Her daughter Pearl is taking after her a lot.  Jade is still very skittish as well, but I'm guessing she might eventually come around.

These pictures are almost two months old by the way.  I'll get updated ones soon.