Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The rest of the pictures.

Here are the rest of the pictures from Sunday.  I saved the ones who already had names and the group shots for this post.  Enjoy!

 Sapphire is looking more and more chocolate instead of black.

 It was so funny watching her try to get on the trailer without locking up.

 Sandia figured out how to get on the trailer quickly.

 She is so pretty!  She has gotten super friendly too.

Daniel still looking good.  He is such a wonderful babysitter.  He is the only adult goat in a pasture full of weanling bucklings.  He has all five Boer bucklings, Wildfire, Kamikaze and Bruno with him.  He is very laid back and gentle with them, but doesn't let them get away with being brats either.

 Awkward shot of Wildfire, but you can see his teeth hehe.  He had just finished chewing on his leg.

My Myotonic buck lineup, minus Bruno.  Aren't they all so handsome??  Don't tease poor Kamikaze on the awful hair cut I gave him (my clipper guards wouldn't go through his thick cashmere so I had to do it freehand and it is so uneven!). 

 Father and son resting.  Daniel looks like he's smiling.  I love his beard!

 Daniel chewing his cud.

 Wildfire and Kamikaze are best buds and nap together.

 Jasper is looking good!  He is babysitting Peter and Pan.

Look at how tiny they are!!

This is the picture I was so excited to share.  Pan is standing there like he's the biggest one out there, but he is dwarfed by Jasper.  Keep in mind Jasper is a 230 pound Boer buck and Peter and Pan are twenty pound two month old 75% Myotonic bucklings.  Jasper is so, so gentle with them and I never fear for their safety, even with the size difference.

 Last but not least I got some great pictures of Jasper being silly and doing the flehman.  I love these photos!!

 The flehman shows off his lack of upper teeth.  I love how long his beard is getting.

 I want to kiss that wrinkly nose.

 Yawning and tilting his head.  Adorable!

 Then there is this epicness!  LOVE this picture.  I'm totally making it my desktop background. :D

Well, that is all for now.  Sorry the updates have been so sporadic.  I've been too busy to just sit in the yard with the camera.  I missed it!  I just wish most of the pictures had turned out better.  Regardless, I hope you all enjoyed them.  I wish you could meet all of these goats.  Anyone who says animals don't have feelings or unique personalities never met a herd of goats!  They are ALL personality!

Oh duh, I forgot the group shots.  Here are the rest of the pictures.

 I love Strawberry Shortcake's ears!

 ....aaaaand they're off!  Sandia is in the lead by a neck!

Speaking of racing.... can you believe we have another Triple Crown winner????  Go Justify!!!!!!!

 Sapphire showing Peter how tough she is.  Ignore hubby hiding behind her haha.
Bubbles trying to climb the tree while Strawberry Shortcake rubs against it and Sandia stares longingly at the leaves.   There's a lot going on in that picture.

Alright that is all... for real this time.  Later guys!

Monday, June 11, 2018

The boys' names!

Now for the boys' new names!   First up is Georgia's buckling (Lyric's brother).  His registered name will be That's What I Like which is a Bruno Mars song (musical theme after all) and his barn name will be Bruno.

I LOVE his dorsal stripe!

Bruno is still fairly skittish like his sister (again because their mom is skittish), but he is also coming around.  He has strong myotonia and "faints" easily.  We were deworming and deticking today and he fell over twice.  

I love how he is built!  He is going to rival his sire Daniel in gorgeousness when he's grown!

Next up are Amethyst's twins.  They can't be registered and we really shouldn't keep them, but I am SO in love with them already.  They are my baby's (Amethyst's) first babies!  So I stuck with my cartoon theme that I have going with the Boer girls and decided to call them Peter and Pan.... Peter Pan!

First up is Peter....

He is so handsome!  And super friendly!

He had his ruff up along his back acting big and bad even though he's tiny lol.

Look at that darling face!! Doesn't he remind you of his mom Amethyst??

Then we have Pan.

He looks black and white here like his brother, but he's actually chocolate brown and white.

He is built like a tank (one of his nicknames... tank) and has VERY strong myotonia.  He will "faint" while just standing still, even without anything scaring him.  It is crazy how strong it is in him.

He thinks he's a big bad buck even though he's a midget. 

He jumped off the trailer and just the act of jumping down caused him to lock up.  He didn't fall over, but he was frozen like that for a few moments.  The pinned ears in the foreground are Sapphire.  She was headbutting with him.

They are so freaking adorable!  I have more picture of them next to Jasper in an upcoming post so make sure not to miss it.  It shows how small they are.  Oh and I forgot to mention they have a shared nickname that we still use.  The Mighty Mites!  Like Mighty Mouse, but mites because they are so small hehe.  Trust me it suits them.  Check back tomorrow for more pictures of everybody.  I took over four hundred pictures of them yesterday while we were giving dewormer, copper, etc. and chose to post around seventy of them so I have to break up the posts.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The kids have names! Ladies first!

 It has taken me so long to name these kids!!  Hubby didn't want me naming any of them until we were positive we were keeping them, so I held off even though I find it easier to name them right off the bat.  Once I've spent months calling them by a number or a nickname that's who they are to me and it makes it impossible to come up with a new name.  It would be like meeting someone and not knowing their name for months.  In your head you would come up with some nickname or description, then when you finally learned their name it may seem like it doesn't fit.

So all of that is to basically say I have given up on trying to name them to some theme or come up with anything overly original or interesting... most of them will be going by the nicknames I've been calling them all this time.  Only now it will be official lol.

So to start off some of you may remember me mentioning at one time that Coral's doelings made me think of the Powerpuff Girls because their eyes seemed so huge compared to normal (they are growing into them now).  I never even liked that show, but the nicknames have stuck and I couldn't imagine them being anything else now.  To finish off the trio I've pulled poor LeeAnn's doeling into the mix.... so officially we have...

The Powerpuff Girls!

First is Coral's eldest... Blossom!

She is our biggest doeling at a whopping 62 pounds at less than four months!

She loves standing up on her hind legs to eat.

This pictures shows the roman nose she's developing like a true Boer should have.

I just wish her poor ears weren't creased.  They were creased at birth and we were told they would sort themselves out... well they didn't and now the cartilage is hard and there is no non-surgical way to correct them that I know of.  Other than looking dumb and needing her ears cleaned out occasionally, it doesn't really cause any problems so I'm not going to worry about it.  Also sorry all of the pictures are crappy and blurry.  I'm so sick of this cheap camera that can't handle anything but perfect lighting... and I'm bad out of practice.

Next up is her sister Bubbles!

Shh.... I'm not supposed to have favorites, but she is my favorite Boer doeling this year.

Staring up at the apple leaves.

Doesn't she have a sweet face?

The third of the trio is LeeAnn's doeling Buttercup.

She is an absolute sweetheart.

Next up is Garnet's only doeling, the middle child of the triplets.  Since we were naming the above three after cartoons I decided to continue with the theme and called her Strawberry Shortcake!  We still call her Little Red all the time though because that's been her nickname all this time.  Her full sister from last year Andesine still goes by Red sometimes.  Those nicknames are hard to shake!!  I do call her Andesine or Andi a lot more than I do Red now though, so hopefully Strawberry Shortcake will stick eventually.  Any ideas on a shortened version?  Cake?? 

Isn't she soooo pretty??  She's the most skittish of the Boer doelings, but she's coming around.

Last, but not least, is Georgia's doeling.... Lyric!!  I still have to come up with a full registered name, but her barn name will be Lyric.  I have always liked the name and wanted to use a musical theme this year for my Myotonics, so it fits.  Hubby calls her Lyrical hehe.  Let me know if you have any ideas for her full registered name.

Isn't she gorgeous??

Her markings are so fun and unique.

Lyric is the most skittish of all the kids (her mom is skittish), but she is coming around now that she is weaned and away from her mom's influence.  She'll be an absolute pet in no time.

Check out tomorrow's post for the boys' new names.  Hubby and I agreed not to name the Boer boys because they aren't registered and most will be sold.  The Myotonics need to be named though since they are registered, so I got to name Georgia's buckling (we already named Wildfire and Kamikaze months ago) and I named Amethyst's boys because I wanted to and nobody can stop me hehe.  Anyway be sure to check it out tomorrow.  I hope you liked the new names.  It will be nice to have something to call them besides numbers!