Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Not very good pictures, but I took the second one back in February and forgot to share it with you guys.  It's not the greatest comparison because I was crouched down more in the first one, but you can still see how much he has grown!  Jasper is the best tempered Boer buck I think I've ever met.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Sorry I haven't posted much lately.  Things have been insanely busy.  Good news is I got a promotion at work!  Finally, after two years of slaving away I'm in the position I've wanted from the beginning.  Of course that comes with more overtime... ugh!

Everyone on the farm is doing well.  I don't think I've forgotten to tell you guys anything important.  The kids are growing so much.  Topaz's oldest buckling and Coral's twin doelings are over fifty pounds at almost ninety days old.  I'm so impressed with how all of the kids are growing out this year.  I think we've finally gotten the nutrition perfected.

Anyway enough rambling.  This post is about Daniel and his haircut!  You all know how he looks in his winter coat, but if you need a reminder here's a picture.

Daniel in his winter coat.

And here he is after his haircut!

 Isn't he adorable with his son Wildfire?  They look so much alike!

 He is so handsome!  Ignore the extra legs lol.

 That tongue!!  He is such a messy eater and gets food all over his face.

 Can't ignore his other side.

Have to share the Kamikaze photobomb too hehe.

Some of you may not know (or remember), that Daniel was a show goat in his earlier years so he's used to being shaved.  I didn't shave him as short as a show cut would be.  I just took off the long guard hairs that were left over from his winter coat.  He looks so good!  I shaved Kamikaze too because he gets way too hot, but his cashmere was so thick I couldn't use a guard on the clippers and had to free hand it.... so he looks awful.  I "forgot" to get pictures hehe.  I have never seen a goat with cashmere as thick as his.  He's going to be miserable this summer!!  Hopefully the shave will help him out some.  I wish I had some shears because I think that would be easier for giving haircuts to goats with thick cashmere, since they are designed for dense wool.  Oh well, I did the best I could with what I have.

I'll try to update again soon.  I need to get pictures of the kids.  They have grown so much!  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the awesome spring weather. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

March/April Kids

 This is a follow up post to the previous one.  If you missed it make sure to go back and look at it for updated conformation shots of the January/February kids.  They are getting so big!  I had to split them up because there were too many photos for one post.  I definitely failed at getting conformation shots of these kids (it's almost impossible when they are this young) and the light was fading fast so a lot of them were blurry, but you can still enjoy how adorable they are!

First up is Amethyst and her twins.

Nursing her twins.  It's so weird seeing my baby girl being a mama to her kids.
She is such a pro.  You would never guess she is a first time mom.

Her younger buckling.
So cute with those same blue eyes.

Amethyst being photogenic.  I love her beard!

 Her youngest.  I can't get over how cute he is!

 Amethyst is looking so good!

They tired out quickly because they were playing the whole time I was photographing the older kids.  I should have taken their photos first, but I knew it the main herd saw me they would go into the barn wanting food where there isn't enough room or light for photos.  So I let them rest and moved on to LeeAnn's kids.

LeeAnn's buckling was being uncooperative so hubby put him on the table, but he was too busy trying to figure out how to get down to pose lol.

So I gave up on conformation shots and just went for cute....

Cute was not a fail.  They are adorable!


She is so cute. They love cinder blocks.

She was standing weird.  She'd just gotten shocked by the electric fence. :(

Awkward attempts at conformation.  The doeling.

More awkward. The buckling.

My favorite picture of the buckling.

My favorite picture of the doeling.

Then LeeAnn had to show them how it's done lol.

She's such a poser hehe.

Watching over her kids as they play.

Last, but not least, Georgia's kids.  Getting pictures of the doeling was such a huge fail.  She is so skittish.  She hides under the feeder because she's scared of the other does and kids.  I feel sorry for her.

This was the only one worth sharing and it's not very good.
She loves grooming her brother and chewing on his ears.

 Her brother on the other hand is very photogenic.....

 And silly.  Love the tongue.  He is washed out in this photo.

 SO cute!!  His coloring looks more true to life in this one.

 More tongue and more washed out color.

 When he came out from the overhang his color popped in the sunlight.

 You can see his color better in these last ones.

 That's all for now!!  I wish I could play with my kids all day, every day.  They are so much fun!