Monday, September 23, 2019


 I love his half blue eye and his one ear up, one ear down. So cute!

Introducing Hank the Goatdog!!!  I've posted about Hank on Instagram, but I haven't officially introduced him here yet.  I wasn't looking for another dog, but you may remember my parents rescued a four week old puppy Buddy this year and they were having trouble containing his energy.  He couldn't play with Jackal because he's too rambunctious and Jackal is old and easy to hurt and/or knock down.  My best friend had a dog she rescued that she wasn't able to keep and she asked me if I wanted him.  At first I said no because I just wasn't looking for a second dog, but eventually I changed my mind.  I'm glad I did!!

Hank is about a year old.  We're guessing he's part German Shepherd (I'm positive about that) and Australian Shepherd (maybe?) or Catahoula (maybe?).  Something that comes in blue merle.  He's been hit by a car before because his back leg healed crooked, he's missing teeth and a toenail, but he's FAST!  It doesn't slow him down at all.  He is the perfect playmate for Buddy, but also gentle enough to share a home with Jackal. 

I've been wanting to get some nice pictures of him, but it's difficult because he's camera shy.  I finally got out my new (old) camera and managed to snap a few that I love.  He does not like the flash, but he tolerated it.  I have no idea why the flash kept going off since it was broad daylight outside.... ahh what a learning curve a DSLR is! 

Hank is a shy, nervous dog, but with time and consistency he has really come out of his shell.  Everyone here has fallen in love with him.  Enjoy the pictures!!

No pictures please!  He has slouchy, submissive posture most of the time.
I think he was abused at one time.

"Please stop taking my picture!"

Playing hide and seek with hubby.  So cute!!
Notice the big dog in the right? That's Buddy!!
Can you believe this tiny little four week old puppy has turned into this big dog??

Isn't he adorable!!

He is definitely half Pit Bull and half something else, maybe Australian Shepherd?  It's weird we ended up with two stray mutts from two different counties that appear to have Australian Shepherd in them.  It is a popular breed in our area, so maybe not that odd.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures of Hank and Buddy!

"OMG what is that??"

 Buddy doesn't know how to pose like Jackal does, but he accidentally poses really cute.

 His straight up ear and tail kill me.  So funny.

 He reminds me SO much of Jackal many years ago.

Aww I haven't looked at old pictures of Jackal in SO long!  They are the same tan with the same white toes and chest.  The biggest differences are the ears and patterns.

 Sorry, back to pictures of Hank.

 "Watch your tail Jackal..."

 Whack! "You so did that on purpose!"

 Jackal is still my most handsome boy!!  Love him!

 "I don't want to look at the camera..."
Sorry for the demon red eyes.  Don't know why the flash was going off in broad daylight...

Hank is such a unique and handsome dog!  I'm glad we gave him a chance and made him a part of the family.  I hope you all will love him too.

P.S.  I totally forgot to mention Hank is named after one of my favorite book series from when I was a kid, Hank the Cowdoy!

Image result for hank the cowdog

I LOVE this series, even now.  It is so funny!  If you know anyone with kids who love to read this is a definite MUST read.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

It's almost autumn and you know what that means.... PUMPKINS!!


There is a guy who works at the local grocery store that saves the damaged pumpkins for us.  He called yesterday so we went down to the store and brought these home.  You might be wondering what we do with them... we feed them to the goats!! They LOVE them!  I'm not going to ramble on, other than to say I'm still figuring out my camera so some of the pictures are blurry.  I don't have a lot of spare time to play around with it (also the reason I so rarely blog and probably don't have many readers left), but some of them turned out cute.  So enjoy!

 Kamikaze chomping down on his pumpkins.

 Daniel is obsessed with pumpkin!! He tries to chase everyone else away.

 Wildfire with a big mouthful!

 Daniel looking handsome!  The flash finally didn't go off so his blue eyes look pretty.

 My handsome Batman with his gorgeous blue eyes.  This is Georgia's son born in December.

 This one is my favorite of the day.  

Kamikaze has such gorgeous horns and I love his half white/half black beard.  So cute!

 Here's Wildfire with his mini-me younger brother Monarch.

 Monarch looks so much like his big brother, but he has blue eyes.
We will probably be selling him.

 Another cute one of KK looking over his shoulder at me.  
Shh, don't tell anyone he's one of my top favorites!

 Gulliver is looking SO grown up and handsome!  Can you believe this is my bottle baby??
LOVE him!  He's only a year old and already just under 150lbs!

 Here is hubby with Jasper (Gulliver's father)!  Jasper's head is bigger than hubby's!
Jasper is over two hundred pounds, so he weighs more than me and my hubby!
I love the photobomb by Buddy, my parent's pup.

 Nomming on some delicious pumpkin.

 Don't ask what is all over his face... you don't want to know.

 He was shaking his head.  It was too hilarious not to post.

 Then he was doing the flehman.

 Georgia is looking good!  I still can't believe she turns ten in a month and a half.

 Zephyr and Sandia inspecting the pumpkin.

 Sapphire was smart and used her leg to help break off chunks of pumpkin.

This turned out super blurry, but I had to share a picture of Lyric so you could see how much cashmere she has grown in already (and it's still in the 90sF).  She's normally jet black, but that dusting of white over the top is her cashmere.  She was being so cute eating the seeds off the ground instead of eating the flesh out of the pumpkins.

 Bubbles and Strawberry weren't sure about the wagon the pumpkins were in.

 Almost everyone piled right in to eat the pumpkin.

 This beautiful girl is Tanzanite Too, or Tanz for short.

I haven't posted much of the kids that were born this year because I've been so busy.  I hate that I don't have pictures showing them growing up like I usually do.  Her mother is Tanzanite, who we actually sold in the spring because a girl fell in love with her and wanted to compete with her at the local shows.  When we sold Tanzanite, Tanz was sort of adopted by Topaz (her grandmother), which was totally adorable.  She is half Myotonic.  Her sire is Daniel from earlier in the post.

This beautiful girl is Topaz's daughter from December.  She's the only one we have left from the triplets.  We sold her brother and her sister had her neck broken in a freak accident when she was only a week or so old.  I absolutely love this girl.  She is so much like Topaz.  I'm still trying to decide on a name.

I love this picture.  It looks like LeeAnn and her daughter are kissing, but they actually aren't even very close to each other.  Gotta love perspective.  LeeAnn's daughter (name also pending) is such a sweetheart and is built really nice.  We sold her twin sister.

The last shot is Bubbles, just because I love her face.

We have daughters of Andesine, Blossom and Strawberry, but they are in the weaning pen so I didn't get pictures of them.  I will try to get pictures as soon as they go back in the big herd.  They are SO cute and all three does were great first time mothers.  I will share more information when I introduce them.  We have Bubble's son, but we will be selling him.  She was a great mom too, although she did get a blockage in her udder.  Luckily she only had a single so feeding him was no problem.

That's all I have for now.  I really need to do better about posting because I keep the blog partly as a record for myself and I feel like I missed out on so much with the kids this year.  Next year's kidding season is going to be super exciting because we are trying something new, but I'll fill you in on the details with that later.

I need to update more often... I even have a new member of the family to introduce, but I just haven't had time.  I will get it scheduled to post tomorrow.  If you follow me on Instagram you will already know who it is.  If not, well you'll have to check back tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Buddy Clicker Training Session 5 & 6

Session 5 - I think this was on Monday the 17th.  I waited too long to write about it, so I don't remember much.  We reviewed sit and down which he does great.  He did get confused on down because I wasn't sitting on the floor like when I taught him, but he did get it in the end.  After that we worked on come and he did fantastic.  It was SO weird though because he kept 'resetting' himself. Normally when teaching a puppy to come the hardest part is getting them far enough away from you to call him again.  Buddy would come running to me, sit, take his treat and then spin around and run to my dad's chair (not jumping in it, but laying in front of it).  I have no idea why, but it was super helpful because I could just keeping calling him without having to move around.

Session 6 -  This was today.  We reviewed sit, down and come.  He was resetting himself after the recall again like last time.  Then I started working on beg (I call it sit up).  He is sort of standing on his hind legs, but that is fine to start with.  I will refine it later into a sitting position.  Beg is great for strengthening a dog's hips, but by the same token they also have to build the strength to be able to do it, so we're going slow. 

After that he was tired (we had been playing hard before training) so he plopped down on the cool tile floor.  Since he was laying still and tired I decided to work on his down stay.  He did SO much better than I expected.  I've never cared for teaching puppies to stay (although I know it's necessary and I always train it anyway) because they are so bouncy and always breaking it, but he only broke it a couple of times.  I started out just saying stay, waiting a second, clicking and treating.  Then I worked up to saying stay, stepping back one step, stepping forward, click and treat.  Then I'd add another step backward away from him.  I made it to three steps before I called it quits.  I don't ever want to keep going to the point where he gets bored or frustrated.  Eventually I'll work up to turning away from him and walking circles around him, but that will be a while.  We have to take baby steps with such young puppies.  Since we found him at four weeks it's easy to forget he's only nine weeks old.  We keep forgetting and wanting to treat him like he's older, because he is SO smart.  Then he does something that is typical puppy to remind us he's a baby.  I'm having so much fun working with him!!