Name: Jackal
Nicknames: Jack, Jackers, Rascally Jack, Muttly, Mutters
Sire: CoJack (brindle Mountain Cur dog)
Dam: A Beagle that I can't remember the name of . . .
Breed: Beagle/Mountain Cur
DOB: 1-30-2008
Height: Approx. 19 inches
Weight: Approx. 40 pounds
Color: Brindle & White
Likes: Running, jumping, playing (with toys and with Storm), swimming, barking, chasing, car rides, exploring, training, tricks, treats, food, etc.
Dislikes: Baths and getting nails trimmed.

As Storm was getting older I decided I really wanted to get a second dog, especially since leaving my parents house she'd been alone with no canine companionship (she had my mom's Yorkshire Terrier back home for company).  My only criteria was a smaller male dog that didn't shed as much and that would be trustworthy off leash.  My husband wanted a hunting dog.  When he heard through a coworker about an accidental litter of Beagle/Mountain Cur pups that they were going to get rid of we decided to go look at them.  There was one male and one female.  As soon as I saw poor tick covered Jackal (not the owner's fault-he escaped and got covered in them running through the brush) I knew I would be taking him home.  I have not regretted my decision.

I've learned a lot from Jackal about training hounds and being patient.  He's been a ton of fun and I've been thrilled to start a dog on clicker training from day one.  The difference in him is amazing!!  He's so smart, engaged, eager and happy to train!  He loves every second of it!  Storm on the other hand thinks it's this huge chore, gets frustrated easily and eventually gives up.  I've had so much fun with Jackal and he's shown me what I really can do with clicker training.  He's been an incredible dog and I look forward to many long years with him.


In 2011 I taught Jackal a new trick for each month.  Here is what he learned.

January: Crawl
February: Shy
March: Fetch Leash
April: Close Door
May: Marching Paws
June: Go to Bed
July: Paws in Bucket
August: Say Your Prayers
September: Stand
October: Recall
November: Sidepass
December: Treadmill


Here is a list of all of the tricks Jackal has learned so far:

Basic Obedience (Sit, Down, Sit Stay, Wait, Give, Off, etc.)
Out (leave the room)
Leave it
Load Up (get in the car)
Stand (still needs work)
Back Up
Bye Bye (wave)
Jump (all four off the ground)
Over (jump an obstacle)
Paw (right paw)
Shake (left paw)
Spin (his left)
Turn Around (his right)
Take a Bow
Roll Over
Leg Weaves
Figure Eights
Marching Paws
Get Your Leash
Go to Bed
Paws in a Bucket
Close Door
Take It
Hoop Jump

Walk on a Treadmill
Sidepass (still learning this one)
Say Your Prayers (still working on this one)


His first toy was a squirrel.

That face!!

 Love his huge trot.

 The faces he makes are adorable.....

 ....and those ears!

I have one handsome pup!

 I made that coat!  With his help of course.  :D