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 Apatite For That

Apatite is named after a mineral (the spelling is correct, it is not supposed to be appetite although the pun is intended) to stick with our gemstone/mineral naming theme.  He will be our future herd sire.  At four and a half months old he was 38lbs.


Five or six weeks....

When we brought him home...

Five months old,,,,

Fern Hill Diego
Apatite's Sire in Show Coat

Falling Down Farm Twix
 Apatite's Dam


His sire is a full blood Boer and his dam is a Boer/Alpine cross, but I don't know their names.  

At approximately ten weeks old.

At approximately fourteen weeks old.

Approximately fifteen weeks.

Seven Months

Ten Months

  Approx. fourteen months old.




Coral is extremely skittish and hard to take pictures of.  She is a very good mother though.

Coral on the right with Garnet on the left.

Coral with her daughter Pearl.


Five months pregnant in June 2017


 Topaz using her horn to scratch her back. 

Five months pregnant in June 2016


Coral gave birth to Amethyst with no assistance and very quickly.  I'm pretty sure she was only pushing for about four minutes.  Amethyst is already a total pet who loves being scratched all over and sitting in my lap!


Day 2

 Five Weeks

 Five Weeks

Five Weeks

Four and a half months old.

Amethyst's sire Crockett

Tag Colors

Green=75% Boer
Orange=88% Boer
Red=94% or higher Boer
Purple=100% Boer
Yellow= 50% Savanna

 Our Girls

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