Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cats! Oh and dogs too!

I got a bunch of pictures of the cats last weekend.  They are annoyingly blurry, but I still like them.  I seriously need to save up for a nice camera.  I miss taking nice crisp, clear shots.

The only picture I got of Shadow.  She didn't feel like joining the fray today I guess.

I actually managed to get some decent pictures of Pharaoh for a change! He's very difficult to photograph because he never stops moving and he blends in to all of the leaves.

 I LOVE his patterns!  Isn't he gorgeous??

 At one point he was surrounded by goats hehe.

 Finally he and his mom Emerald started playing.  They love to play!

 Emerald, more often known as Emi.

 He walks over to her, headbutts her and flops over next to her.

 Then she grabs him by the neck, chews on him a bit and then starts grooming him.

 I love her green eyes.  That's why I called her Emerald.

 His expressions kill me!  She really does chew on him and he loves it!

 They played for a bit too.

He spent some time sitting around posing for me too.

 Isn't he gorgeous?

 That second picture is such a signature expression of his.

 He has his mom's eyes.

 I think he is the coolest looking cat I've ever owned.

OrangeJello can't be left out either!

Oh and I mentioned dogs.

Mac, my parent's dog. I think he turns fourteen this month.

Last but not least my sweet Jackal!  

Jackal's diet is going well and he's lost a lot of weight.  You can see how much slimmer his face and neck are.  He still has some to lose.  He also has several fatty tumors that worry me, but they aren't growing so I try not to think about it.  The vet says it's nothing to worry about.  I'm just glad he's losing weight and is more playful and energetic again.  Can you believe he turns ten years old on January 30th?????  Where has the time gone??

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Random Goat Pictures

We like to let Jasper and his sons out in the yard to eat acorns when we are home.  Taz is such a cutie!  Sorry the pictures are blurry.  The light was fading fast and I forgot to clean the lens again on the camera.  I use it so rarely now that I always forget!  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.


 Garnet.  That's molasses on her nose. 

 Big Mama propped her leg up so she could chew on it.

 I finally got some pretty good pictures of LeeAnn.

We've been trying to guess what breed we think she is and we're leaning toward Boer/Kiko cross.  I found a bunch of photos of that cross that has the same horns and coloring.

Ignore the molasses on her face.  See how her horns curve upward??  I think that comes from the Kiko.  That is definitely not a Boer thing!

 Opinions hehe.

This shows the curve of her horns.  It also shows the pink skin and mottling in her ears.  That could be Kiko or even Nubian.

 Always with her face in that protein bucket....

 Garnet stands weird!  I love that expression with her airplane ears.  You can so see the Alpine in her.

 Her daughter Andesine inherited those ears!

 Big Mama enjoying the salt block.

My sweet Amethyst was so cuddly today!  She was stuck to my side like Velcro the whole time I was out in the pasture.  Normally she's very independent.  I think it's because she had a bunch of itchy spots.  We treated her with Cylence because I could feel scabs.  Probably from ticks.  I enjoyed the time spent with her, no matter what her reason for being affectionate was.  :)

 Sniffing noses with Jasper.

 Topaz and her daughter Tanzanite.  They look so much alike!

 Jasper and his sons love their browsing time.


 Champ looks so much like his dad!

 Have to work to reach the good stuff!  Silly Champ!

 When Jasper stood up against the fence hubby went over to stand beside him.  So now you can finally see how huge he is!

 Yummy honeysuckle.

 Standing up he is almost the same height as hubby at 5'10"!!!
Jasper outweighs hubby by forty or fifty pounds!

He is standing right in front of hubby.  This is not one of those perspective/optical illusion photos.  Hubby is petting him in this picture.  I'm very impressed with Jasper.  I had no idea when we brought this adorable little cutie home that he would end up over two hundred pounds.

Good thing hubby did all of that work with him to make him so easy to handle!  More baby Jasper pictures below.

 Well that's all for this post.  I'll have another one up in a few days.