Saturday, August 12, 2017

Goat Graduation

Sorry I haven't posted in so long.  I've been working ten hour days and I just haven't felt like blogging since Apatite died.  I do want to update you on how all the kids are doing so I snapped some pictures while we were out giving vaccines and copper to the goats.  They have graduated to the big pasture!  I hesitated for a long time because I didn't know if the horses would hurt them, but all our practice with letting them out to graze in the front yard together paid off because the horses ignored them.

Not a great picture, but it's fun seeing goats scattered across the pasture.

Being out on five acres is going to make them so happy.  They have room to roam and exercise and plenty to browse on.  The kids are a month old and doing great.  The boys will have to be weaned at two months and put in a different pen with Jasper so they don't get their sisters pregnant.  We will let the little doelings nurse for as long as their moms let them or until it's time to breed the does again.

Everyone gets along great although Amethyst is full of herself and tests her boundaries with the older does.  It's about time she socialized with someone other than her mother hehe.

Amethyst is doing great.  She slowed down in growth during weaning, but she's picking back up again.  She's around sixty pounds now at six months old.

 The four little ones are so big now they have to lay on their chests to nurse!!  Those are some big one month olds!!  Garnet's kids are still bigger even though they are six days younger, but all of the kids are around the twenty pound range at a month old.

Poor Jasper is in isolation until the boys are weaned.

 He's handling it well.... by pigging out on his protein tub.  That's molasses all over his face.

 He has gotten massive!!  He is sixteen months old and weighs a whopping 208lbs!  When he stands up on his hind legs he's as tall as I am and I'm 5'10".  He still has more growing to do too.  He's finally starting to take on buck appearances with his beard, horns, etc.  He's not looking like a baby anymore.  It was weird seeing him next to Topaz because they are the same age and he's twice her size!  I'm impressed with him for a percentage Boer buck.

 Bonus picture of Shadow!  It's still eerie sometimes how 
much she looks like Gray Kitty did.  I miss Gray Kitty...

 Well that's all I have for today.  We're about to have several days of rain again... ugh!  This has been a wet, nasty year..

P.S.  I just realized I didn't really get many pictures of the kids.... oops.  I'll do better next time.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Goat Kid Photo Overload! Babies first day out!

We let the kids out in the yard for the first time!!  
This is them leaving the barn for the first time.
So cute!

We had so much fun with the babies out in the yard. :D Some of these are cell phone pictures so excuse the photo quality...

 Topaz says these cherry leaves are yummy!!

 This is why taking pictures of goat kids is so difficult!  I'm being mobbed!!

 Topaz became the babysitter because Garnet went off on her own lol.

 I love Tanzanite's ears!  They are so huge hehe.

Little Red (Andesine?) was zooming around everywhere.  It was so hard to get good pictures of her running around, but I got a couple of cute ones.

 Jackal was so cute laying in the background keeping a careful eye on the babies.

The cats are always hanging around too.  ShadowCat walked right passed the babies and didn't seem concerned with them at all.

 This was hilarious.  He just launched himself at Tanzanite hehe.

 Topaz's son looking so cute!

Topaz walked right between us when I was trying to get Little Red's antics on camera.  This would have been such an awesome bucking pictures.  So cute!

 Tanzanite mobbed me.

 Tanzanite standing on my leg while the boys checked her out.

 LOL!  I got a good one finally!  She was full of herself!

 Tanzanite was chewing on Little Red's tail hehe. Adorable!

This one was funny!  Garnet's son was squishing Topaz's son into the tree.  He didn't hurt him.  They were just playing.

 She is so pretty!

 Tanzanite scratching an itch.

 Jackal finally went in for a polite meet and greet.  So cute!

 Pretty Tanzanite!

 Cute little boy!

You can see Jasper in the background, watching his kids.

Poor Tanzanite was trying to take a nap, but Little Red decided to walk all over her.  Kids are so mean to each other hehe.

 Little Red posing.  She is such a chunky girl.  She weighs the most between the four of them.

 My adorable Tanzanite.

 My gorgeous girls.

 Tanzy is a climber for sure!

 She has the sweetest face!

I LOVE this next sequence of pictures.  Little Red saw Jackal laying under the plum tree and she was checking him out.  She was on full alert, posing like a big girl with her ruff up and everything.

 Cautiously approaching.

Making herself look big.  She is posing just like a show Boer goat.  She is impressive looking already even at a week old.  She is going to be a gorgeous girl when she's grown.  I know it's hard to tell when they are babies, but I wouldn't doubt that she ends up being our nicest doe, regarding conformation.
 A slow approach.

 Stopping to stare at him again.

 I love the way she carries herself.

She finally slipped quickly around Jackal.  You can see his head in the bottom right corner lol.  She was very brave and cute.

 Topaz's handsome boy.

 I love her little belly spot.

 Garnet's boy has such a cute face!  I love little blaze faces.

 Both boys are so handsome.

Garnet and Topaz hadn't seen each other in a while, so they had to sort out the pecking order.  It was fun to watch.  They were really going at it headbutting each other.

 Topaz was rearing up to get maximum power behind her head butts.

 During a lull in the fight Garnet chewed on Topaz's horn lol.

They are so cute.  I'm glad they don't fight with the intention of actually hurting each other like bucks do during rutting season.  They sorted it out quickly and moved on.  We all had fun out in the yard.  The babies wore themselves out playing hard.  :)  I'll update again when I can.