Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I'm so behind on goat updates.  At the beginning of October (10/2), we put the breeding harness (link here for a description) on Crockett and took him over to the doe pen.  It was time for him to start making babies!!

I don't think I ever mentioned it, but we put Coral in the pen with Crockett shortly after his negative test results came back.  So she was bred on September 5th.  That means she will have a February baby just like she was!  The reason we didn't breed the others is because they were too young.  They have to be a certain age or weight before breeding.  We were going to wait until November, but we decided to put him out in October since it could take a few weeks for them to come into heat.  I don't mind March or April babies because when they start having them too late in the spring you have issues with parasites.  Earlier is better.

 Crockett was so happy to get out in the big pen with the does.  
He was more worried about eating than breeding though hehe.

 The girls kept their distance at first because they didn't know who this new guy was....

 ...but they eventually started shoving into him to get to the feed lol.

 Topaz checking Crockett out.

 Garnet was the one that was most fascinated by him.

 She kept following him around.

 She would come back to us for attention too.  
We are SO CLOSE to being able to pet her just like Topaz.

 Topaz finally sniffed noses with him.

So after a while, on October eighth I noticed this....

 Garnet was marked!!  That means she was bred.

She came into heat a lot faster than I thought she would.  I have never used a breeding harness before, but it works great.  It's really nice knowing exactly what day they got bred, so we can track much closer when they will give birth (goats have a five month gestation).  She was a lot more marked up than that by the end of the twenty four hours she was in heat.

Topaz was next.  She was marked up on 10/13 or 10/14.  I forgot to take pictures.  Unfortunately since he stays laying down so much with his arthritis he used up his crayon (the part on the harness that marks the does) before Pearl was bred.  So we have no idea when or if she was bred.  :/  At least we know on all of the others.  We separated Jade because she hasn't grown enough to be bred this fall.  She will have to wait until spring if we breed her at all (beginning to wonder if she doesn't have the dwarfism gene...).  So we will just have to wait and see with her.  We at least have a date range of a month (somewhere between October 15 and November 15) that Pearl could have been bred, if she was bred.

Well, that's all for now.  Sorry it has taken me so long to update you guys.  I'll try to do better.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jasper Update

Jasper is doing great.  We moved him out into the big pasture with the horses, donkey and Rebel and Yankee several months ago.  He is doing really well out there.  Rebel and Yankee are obsessed with him, but he holds his own and I'm sure he will be bossing them around in no time.  He's now seven months old and we weighed him on Thanksgiving at 83lbs.  :)  Enjoy all of the pictures.

He still has such a baby face, but his beard is growing and his 
body is chunking up and starting to look like a buck.

 That baby face!

 Being Shadow's shadow hehe.

 He was staring up at the pine tree branches in longing hehe. 

 So he came over to me, begging.

 I obliged hehe.

 Goofy goat!

You can see his baby beard in this one.  Our baby boy is growing up.

That's all for today's update.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I wasn't thinking last weekend when I scheduled the posts about Jack and I scheduled one for Thanksgiving day, so my Thanksgiving post is a day late hehe.  I spent Thanksgiving hanging out with family and playing with the animals.  I got a bunch of photos of the critters, so for this post you get a cat update as well.  :D  After all I am thankful for my rainbow of kitties.  That's what I call them when they greet me at the door every morning making circles around my feet and they are all different colors so they make a rainbow.

Emi and Pharaoh teasing Jackal.

 It is eerie how much Shadow looks like Gray Kitty!!

Here are some old pictures of Gray Kitty. I don't have pictures of her at the same age.  
Shadow is darker, but not as dark as that picture makes her look.  
I have to double take all the time, thinking I'm seeing Gray Kitty, when it's actually Shadow.
I wish I could get pictures of them beside each other, but they don't like each other....

Emi is so pretty. 

 All three cats are doing great after their spay/neuter surgeries.

 Pharaoh is getting so chunky!

 His wide stripes aren't as defined as when he was a kitten, but he's still gorgeous.

 Handsome even when scratching his face.

Is it wrong to play favorites?  I hope not because Pharaoh is my favorite.  :D

I hope you all are having a super awesome Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jack's New Cage

 We always knew Jack would need a new cage because there is no way a squirrel could happily live in a small rabbit cage.  I had the great idea of converting our old double decker chick brooder into a squirrel cage.

This is what we started with.  My dad built it.  It had circles cut out of the doors for ventilation and it had wiring inside of it for heat lamps.  My favorite part is dad built it on stilts because my whole family is tall and most brooders are too short or they go on tables with top access which is awkward. We had to take all of the wiring out because that's dangerous for a squirrel.  We also added more windows on the sides and we cut a hole in the floor so he could use both levels.  We also built a feeding shelf because squirrels like to eat up high and he would be less likely to soil his food.

Cute out holes on each level on both sides for windows.

Put wire on them.

In the top I hung a bucket for his nest and propped branches up so he could get into it.

Downstairs is basically a play area I keep full of fresh branches and logs. 
Oh and his stuffed turtle hehe.

I used a piece of firewood as his access between levels.

Once it was done we turned him loose in it so he could explore.  He was hesitant at first, but soon grew confident and was climbing on everything.  He loves it!

That hanging parrot toy is one of his favorites.  He's destroyed two lol.

 Reaching out to sniff his toy.

 He burrowed down in his blankets and then popped his head up.

 Checking out his feeding perch.

 Doing his high wire act hehe.

 Finally went downstairs.

 Learned he could climb on his windows lol.

That's all for this post.  He spends his day in this cage while we're at work, but when we're home he has free run of the screened in porch.  He's too destructive to leave out while we're gone.  We check on him constantly when we are home.  He loves weekends because he gets to spend all day loose.  :)  I'll post again soon!