Thursday, May 1, 2014

A To Z Survivor plus Random Pictures

I know I already wrote something on my last post, but they gave us this nifty badge so I figured I would say it again... I made it!!  I never realized how difficult it would be to come up with a topic and post each day.  It did get a little tedious when I was too busy, but I managed to do it even though some of my posts were a little lame hehe.  I've really enjoyed reading all of your posts and I know I got behind here at the end, but I will catch up again.  :)

I'm going to post about my fabulous anniversary weekend soon, but I haven't had time to go through the pictures (actually all of them aren't even uploaded yet).  For now here are a few pictures I took today.  :)

 In closeups Mac always looks so big!

 However this shot gives you a more accurate idea of his size.  :D

 I still think his hair cut is pretty cute!  
I'm glad I can save my parents a little money by doing it myself.  :)

I always say "kitty, kitty" to get Jackal's attention for pictures... 

 Unfortunately this time he actually saw her!!
The gray blur chopped in half is my cat.
Sorry the picture is bad, they ran behind me 
and I swung my camera around...
I was lucky just to get this shot.

 I called him off (glad he is well trained!) and he started eating grass.
Mac is still watching the cat though hehe.

 She's not worried though as she strolls back to me.

And even stops to say hi to Jackal.
No hard feelings between these two!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed ourselves.  :)

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