Friday, August 15, 2014

Furry Friday (or snakey... you've been warned)

Yay I have pictures to participate in Furry Friday.  They aren't furry this time though!!  Anyone who is afraid of snakes has hopefully been warned by the title to not read this lol.

My husband went outside around dusk the other day with Jackal.  My crazy dog started running circles, barking and growling like he was possessed.  Hubby found this guy.

 Isn't he beautiful??

He's very venomous so I'm glad Jackal knows to keep his distance.  Hubby made him go inside, let me get pictures and then disposed of the snake.  We let the non venomous King snakes, Rat snakes, etc. live on our property, but we can't risk having these beautiful guys living here.  After hubby got rid of him my friends told me they travel in breeding pairs........ umm.... so yeah I'm keeping a close watch on the ground.  This snake was a foot and a half long, but I never would have seen him if Jackal hadn't alerted us.  He was even in open, short grass!

Since my camera is working I'll try to start taking pictures and posting more often.  We should finish our base cabinets in the kitchen this weekend and then the counter people will come measure, then it will be a month or more before our counters are installed.  I'm glad we don't have to do that though.  Hanging wall cabinets has about done hubby's back in!  We have to wait for a replacement cabinet for one the delivery truck messed up so we haven't even finished all of them.  I'm getting very excited about having a real kitchen again!  I'll take pictures when it's done, but it will be a couple of months because I want the counters in before I share.  :)


  1. Yay! You made it for a Furry Friday! LOL Pretty snake! We let a King Snake live in our front yard too (he's "appeared" on my blog a time or two LOL). He's harmless to us and keeps the poisonous snakes away. :-D Can't wait to see your new kitchen! You did get before pictures right? I always like seeing before and after pictures of projects. It really brings home the progress made. :-)

  2. There are before pictures under the house building label, but it's just walls and floor. This isn't a remodel. We built this house from the ground up. We've been working on it for almost two years. I moved into my parents house Feb 2013 and into my new house Nov 2013, but there was no kitchen. At all. Just a table, microwave and toaster oven for six months lol. I've had my stove for about a month. Before that I couldn't boil eggs or anything else you do on a stove top. This is the first new house I've ever had and the first new kitchen I've ever had so that's why I'm so excited. :) Be sure to check out the house building label to see it back when we were putting up walls, insulating, painting, etc. It's pretty cool. I wish I'd done better about taking pictures. There is a video walk through tour though!

  3. oh he/she is beautiful. what kind of snake is he?

  4. Whether you started out with an old kitchen or no kitchen, progress is progress! :-D I'll have to go check out that label...although I think I may have already, just need a refresher. :-)


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