Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Pictures!

 Jackal's excited, come play with me face.

 When I call his name he whips his head around and then his body follows, so cute!

It's hard to tell in profile shots, but he's lost a LOT of weight!
I need to get better comparison pictures for you guys.

 Chrome doesn't mind the snow, but the goats hate it!

 They refuse to touch the snow/ice at all!
To get back in the barn they would back up under the eaves instead of turning around lol.

They thought so hard about coming to me, but in the end decided not to.

While I was crouched down taking pictures of the goats, Zep came up behind me.

Then he peered around my shoulder at Jackal hiding and using me as a shield hehe.

I really wish my good camera hadn't died because I really want to take pictures of the birds out in the snow.  :(  I'm getting sick though, so I guess I shouldn't sit outside in the cold.  Oh well.  There's always next time.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures of Jackal and the herd!


  1. Love snow pictures! We so very rarely get it here tho. ☺ Rio has only seen it once and he was a nut running around, probably trying to figure out what it all was LOL (p.s. this would have been a perfect "Furry Friday" post ;-) haha)

  2. Jackal looks so hug-able and squishy. No, I'm not calling him fat. Squishy is my term for someone who is so cute that you want to over-squeeze them. That's so funny about the goats reaction to snow.

  3. Jackal is adorable. I never knew goats would be afraid of snow. Hope you don't get sick.

  4. Jennifer, I totally forgot about Furry Friday! This would have been perfect. Oops.

    Nuz, I use the term squishy too and am not offended by it at all. He is definitely squishy!!!

    GHM, thank you. The goats did finally get over being drama queens and ventured out into the snow. :) There's no hope for me not getting sick though. My boss and husband have both had walking pneumonia so I've been exposed to it twenty four seven for two and a half weeks.... not really a way to avoid catching it... I'm going to start treatment asap though so hopefully it won't get too bad.

    Thanks for commenting guys!


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