Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Storm.... I miss you....

Back on February 24th was a year since Storm died.  I wanted to make a post... a really good post with a compilation video and all of my favorite pictures, but it hurt too much... every time I sat down to work on it I started crying so hard I couldn't see the computer screen (I'm crying even now, but not like I was then), so I gave up and didn't make the post.  Today however would have been Storm's fourteenth birthday so I can't not say something.  I am amazed that it still hurts this much and that I still miss her.  Most days I don't think about her anymore, but when I do it's still waterworks city.  I guess when you spend almost thirteen years with a dog... some of the most turbulent years (teenager and early twenties) it really leaves a hole when they are gone.  I sometimes feel like it can't be real that she's gone.  There are so many things that still remind me of her.  If I close my eyes I can still remember how her fur felt, the shape of her ears, the slope of her forehead between her eyes (she loved to be rubbed there), the longer, coarser fur of her tail, etc.  I still think she was the absolute most beautiful dog I have ever met in my entire life.  I never could believe she was mine.  She was so gorgeous.  So smart.  So sweet.  I miss her so much.  Anyway, I have to go to bed, so I'll just share some of my favorite pictures.  Maybe someday I'll be able to make that video...

This is still my favorite photo of the two of them together.

I love this one too from when Jackal was little!

 How cute is that???

 She was the cutest puppy!

 I miss that smile!

 So good at her wave trick.  Her half mast ears are so typical Stormy!

 I'm so glad I took so many photos of her.

 Another favorite of the two of them.

 The only photo taking fail was I didn't get many of me and her.

 Happy Birthday sweet girl.


  1. (((hugs)))
    Storm was beautiful. I had a dog like that I still miss 7 years later. Yesterday I found myself in tears over Steele yet again. You know what? It takes as long as it takes. The photos are beautiful and show your love for such a beautiful creature.

  2. Losing our best friends is the hardest thing to bear. It takes a very long time to get over missing them. Storm was a beautiful happy girl who was much loved and who loved you back. Great pictures.

  3. I loved seeing her pictures again!!! Sending you hugs!

  4. Such gorgeous pictures!


  5. Such a pretty girl. It's great that in today's age of digital cameras i have SO many more pictures of the dogs than I used to!


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