Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge - January

I'm a little late posting my update, but what's new? Hehe.  I read five books in January (well I finished one today so it's technically Feb...) and only three apply to the challenge LOL!!  Also my mom is reading a series that she wants to include in the challenge, so we aren't reading them in order after all.  I won't be doing mine in order either so she doesn't feel like we have different rules for our challenges lol.  So here they are...

I started reading 99 To Nowhere by Domino before we decided to do the challenge, so that's why it doesn't fit in a category.  This book was different from anything I've read before.   It's about the struggles of homeless teens and the pitfalls of foster homes.  I really liked it!  I was quickly drawn into the story and the characters were really interesting.... then about halfway through the book it started skipping so much time between scenes that it was almost like cliff notes... it was a little disappointing.  I still enjoyed the book and it had a good ending.  :)

I also read A Scone to Die For by H.Y. Hanna before we started the challenge, but it at least doesn't start with numbers so it can fit a category.  It should go under S if you follow the rules of alphabetizing, but I read another book that goes under S...... one of them just might have to not be part of the challenge.  It feels like cheating to put it under A lol.  Anyway I LOVED this book!  It was actually my favorite by this author so far.  I already did a post on it HERE so I won't go into a lot of detail.

Okay The Bell House by Lori Titus was started after we decided to do the challenge, so it is my B book.  This was a really weird book!  I had read the reviews before I started it so I was expecting weird paranormal stuff..... but it was weirder than I thought it would be.  To tell the truth I'm a little undecided on if I liked it or not.... it definitely pulled me into the story and was hard to put down.  It was well written with... interesting... characters.  Maybe it just wasn't my type of story?

I chose Spellbound by Kodilynn Calhoun for my S book before I realized I'd already read an S book in January lol.  It takes me a bit to get organized, but I will.  :)  I loved this book too!  It reminded me why I love fantasy books so much.  I've missed them.  If you love dragons and other fantasy creatures and magic, you will love this book.  The characters were well fleshed out and I really grew fond of them quickly.  It was a quick read.  I didn't want to put it down!

Keeping the Peace by Hannah Hooton is my K book.  I actually finished this book today so it technically belongs in the February post, but since I was late with this post I decided to just go ahead and add it.  This is the first book in the Aspen Valley series.  You might remember I read the third book in the series last year because I was asked to review it.  I used it as part of my reading challenge.  You can read about it HERE.  I LOVED this one!!!  It was much better than the other one I read.  I absolutely love the characters, the plot, everything.  This book has such a well written, interesting plot.  I couldn't put it down.  I stayed up almost all night last night trying to finish it because I just couldn't quit reading.  I really like how problems arise in their lives and things go wrong just like in real life and they deal with it just like real people.  If you like steeplechase, horses, love stories and just all around well written books you will love this one!

That's all for January!  Looking forward to seeing what I read in February.  :D

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