Sunday, May 29, 2016

The other new addition to the farm....

I completely forgot to tell you guys about the rock dove I rescued!  I rescued her several months ago now, I just hadn't gotten pictures yet so I never posted.  This beautiful girl was outside the place where I worked during a storm.  She even came inside.  They chased her back out and she almost got ran over by a car.  She was too weak from hunger to fly, so I was terrified she would get eaten by something or run over.  So I called my husband and he came and got her.  He was able to walk right up to her and put her in a box.  She has a leg band on, but we haven't had any luck figuring out where she came from, so we're keeping her, unless someone turns up claiming her.

She's a sweet girl, always so curious, but shy.  She likes to perch in the window of her pen and watch us.  She flies to whichever window we're closest to.  I haven't handled her at all since that first day.  She's not terrified of humans, but she is shy.

I've always loved rock doves (pigeons of any sort really), especially their coo.  It's so peaceful and sweet.  I love listening to them.  We are going to find a couple more pigeons because I don't want her to be alone.  I would rather give her to someone else than have her be alone.  Since we have a nice pen for her there's no reason not to get some more though.  There's plenty of room and I've always wanted some.  :)

Now more kitten pictures because they are too cute not to share!  They are blurry because they were moving too much and I need practice taking pictures with phones hehe.

 I he/she not the cutest kitten you've ever seen??

 A slightly better shot of mamma's gorgeous green eyes.

 I just don't even know what to say... so cute!!!!!

Check out this adorable video.  I swear you will melt at the cuteness overload.

Also I've been calling the dove Dovey.... I need name ideas because if I'm not careful that's going to stick......


  1. That's so cool about the dove, and thanks for the cuteness overload.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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