Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Meet Scuff!

Poor turtle got stuck in a bucket.  Don't worry, hubby saved him.  This is our resident box turtle and ?his? name is Scuff.  Did I ever tell you guys how he got his name??

I was leaving for work one day, got in my car and started backing out of my parking spot.  My tire went over a big bump and I stopped the car, jumped out in a panic thinking I'd run over a cat and saw.... a box turtle!!  He was completely unharmed, but the tire left a scuff mark on his shell.  I was so relieved he was okay.  I moved him off of the driveway and went along my way thinking I'd never see him again or if I did that I wouldn't even know it.

I was wrong!  I did see him again and his scuff mark stayed, making him easy to identify.  He regularly shares the cat food with our cats and we keep water out for him.  It's so cool seeing him hanging around.  You never know when you'll run across him.  :)

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