Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Appreciation #2

 So . . . I did it.  For the first time ever I hit the "mark all as read" button in my Google Reader.  :(  I had over 700 blog entries to read and there's no way I could ever get caught up, so I guess I'm starting over.  I'm still planning to go back and get caught up on what I've missed, but that's easier to do just going back to where I left off on everyone's blogs than to try to use Google Reader.  So, yeah, sorry if I miss anything important.  I didn't want to do it, but after over a month break from blogging there was just no way to catch up.  If I missed anything really important just leave me a comment and I'll check it out.  :)

So anyway for my Appreciation #2!  I'm sure you all could have guessed Jackal would be second!  He's my other best friend (second to my husband only because he can't talk haha!).  What's weird is I've only had him for four years but it feels like he's been here forever.  I guess that's a pretty common phenomenon lol.  So anyway here is a picture of us cuddling on the bed while I read my book.  And yeah I'm smiling because of the way Jackal's eyes were following my husband as he tried to get a good picture lol.  It was so funny.


  1. Mark all as read! Very liberating!

    Mango Momma

  2. I think we've all been in that "mark all as read" situation. Like Mango Momma said, "very liberating". You HAVE to!
    For the boys,


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