Sunday, September 23, 2012


 My best friend is working out of the state for six months so I'm ..... fishsitting?  She has two Betta fish that I'm keeping for her.  They have a really cool one or two gallon tank that has a divider (so they can't fight; Bettas are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish lol).  It even has a cute little filter on it.  I was having a problem battling algae so I decided to get a couple of snails (one for each side).  I got a gold one and a dark brown one.  Check them out!  Aren't they cute in a slimey way?  They're doing a great job cleaning up the algae and the Bettas are leaving them alone, so I think it's working out well.

Floating in their little bag to acclimate to the tank temperature.

 Turned loose to battle algae.  

You can kind of see the beautiful blue Betta in the above picture.  They are sooo hard to photograph.  Especially the black one.  I'm finding out the brown snail is hard to photograph too!
The gold snail climbing on his castle decoration.  :D  I like them!

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