Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spoiled Pups!

 Wow only three posts for August!  Oops.  I'll try to get more Appreciation posts up asap.  :)  For now though, in case you guys were starting to think the pups were being royally neglected, I have photographic evidence of them being spoiled.  :)  They always have bones to chew on, but I occasionally add new ones to their collection because chewing off the flavored crunchies on the outside (of store bought bones) makes them soooo happy.  Normally they get raw bones, so this is a fun treat.  Here's some pictures of them enjoying their nommies.  

"Oops, mom, I broke it!"
Jackal is a very aggressive chewer hehe.

 Isn't Storm's little grimace so cute?  :D


I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Now.... I'm going to clip my dogs' nails because I just realized how long they are LOL!!!


  1. Clipping nails. No fun, but those nommy bones look fantastic.

    Mango Momma

  2. Wow, those bones are really big!!!

  3. They are so into those bones!! Takes so little to make a dog happy. If only people were that easy.


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