Friday, November 9, 2012

Going for a drive & fall colors!

 I think Storm was carsick from the steep, winding roads.

Sorry it took me so long to post these pictures that I mentioned in my last post.  We took the dogs for a drive down a scenic highway and stopped at an overlook for pictures.  I was trying to get shots of the fall colors because it's been so pretty lately, but they didn't come out very good in pictures.  So we took the dogs for a walk at a horse camp that was down the road.  I really want to take Chrome to the horse camp someday!  Anyway here are the pictures.  My husband had a camera too.  When I get done uploading and watermarking them I'll post them too.  My old camera seemed to capture the colors a lot better than the new one I was using.  :)

I used my panoramic feature for this one.  Make sure to click and enlarge it.  :)

 They are sooooo cute!!!!

A solid sit/down stay is so handy to have for taking pictures.  They were not tied up to anything, just to each other lol.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


  1. Pretty. You know, I know they are just still shots, but your dogs seem so well behaved in all your pictures. I might ask for some ideas from you on training Scrappy not to bark. The little dude is going senile and is barking at everything now. I can't even set down a cup without him barking at the noise. He's barking right now, just because the wind blew.


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