Sunday, November 4, 2012

Storm's Eyes Update

Storm is doing great.  Apparently the reason the medicine wasn't working is because I didn't know I was supposed to do it twice a day.  Now that I'm doing it twice a day her eyes are doing sooooo much better.  :D  Yay!

Now if some things will calm down at work and I'll start feeling better (I think the stress is getting to me) maybe I'll be able to do something fun with the dogs that I can post on here lol.  Sorry it's been so quiet.  We aren't really doing a fall garden this year, so there isn't much farm related stuff going on.  I promise this blog will recover someday hehe.

Here are some pictures at least to make it up to you.  :)

 Check out the water drop in front of her!

 My stalker.  She follows me everywhere.  She's fascinated by my camera hehe.

Cute Zep Zep!

Oops!  I meant to schedule this to post tomorrow.  Sorry for the double post lol.


  1. It's nice to hear there's improvement in Storm's eyes. And it's nice to see pictures of the other critters too for a long time :D
    Hopefully the stress will go away, it's not a nice visitor.


  2. SO glad to hear about Storm's eye!!! And now you've done it! Just when I thought Chrome was THE one - I've fallen for Zep! He's so ADORABLE!!!! More Zep pix, please! :)

  3. LOL KZK, will do! Zep is hard to take pictures of because I can't brush him (and I can't stand dirty equines in my pictures hehe) and because he's so skittish I have to be careful about my stalking. :D I'll try harder to get more pictures of him for you though.

  4. I love Zep too. Do you have his story somewhere that I missed? He is so cute. I am REALLY happy your doggy is going better. Woohoo!! You can breathe.

  5. If you look at the top of this blog there is a page for him under his full name Led Zeppelin that tells his story. :)


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