Sunday, December 30, 2012

Storm's Snow Pictures!

 Note For Other Siberian Husky Owners!  I know you aren't supposed to let a Sibe off leash, but I've had Storm for eleven years so I know when she will and when she won't listen.  I've called her off when she was running to kill birds before and she has never refused to come when called.  Also, we were in the pasture which is fenced and although the fences are not Sibe proof they are heavily covered in trees and brush so they provided a visual barrier and she was so happy to be playing in the snow that there was no danger of her running off.  :D  Now enjoy the pictures!!!!

You can click to enlarge pictures.  I have to say something before we continue.  I LOVE both of my dogs, but I do want to say that Storm is the best first dog a girl could ever have (my family has had dogs since I was born, but Storm was the first one I picked out, raised and trained by myself)!!  Jackal is cute and adorable, but in my totally biased opinion Storm is just stunningly gorgeous!!  Especially when she's in her element like these snow shots.  She had so much fun and just loves snow!  Sometimes I wish we got it more often even though I'm not that crazy about it just so she can have fun in it.  :D  So anyway, enough bragging hehe.  Let me know what you think of these pictures!

 Chrome has gotten so much better about not chasing the dogs, but Storm still keeps her distance lol.

I love this shot because she was getting too far away so I called her and snapped this picture as she skidded to a halt to look back at me! :D

 She looks awesome for an eleven year old dog huh?

 I love those eyes!

 Coming back when I called with a smile on her face and her oh so typical "what do ya want?" expression!

 This turned out so cool!  She ran right past me and I snapped this one thinking it would be too blurry to post, but it came out so sharp and clear.  Love it!

And then after all of our fun we had a run in with Led Zeppelin!!  He hasn't tried to mess with the dogs in so long that I thought he'd gotten used to them, but apparently he still hates them!  I have no idea how I managed to get this picture.  It is a still shot I took, not something I pulled off of a video (I should have taken video that day, but totally forgot to)!  Storm was not hurt!  She is totally fine, it just scared her.  We decided after that to go play somewhere safer.  The weird part is that we'd been out their an hour before he finally attacked!!  The little brat must have gotten tired of us running around.  At least I know he will still protect my animals from other dogs or coyotes.  :)

 A cute picture I made of both dogs.  Notice a theme?

And two more of Storm below that turned out blurry but I had to share them because it shows off her personality!  You can click to enlarge!


  1. Such lovely photo's! Storm is a gorgeous dog but I do have a thing for Huskies i adore them!

  2. I bet she just loves the snow! yay for a well trained recall :)


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