Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We have goats!!

We were planning to get goats next spring because we need help maintaining the pastures.  When we had our herd of Boer goats here a few years ago the place looked amazing.  Well today someone brought two male Pygmy goats up to the school where my husband works and left them there.  They had used them for practicing goat tying (rodeo) but they didn't need them anymore so they were giving them away for free to a good home.  Even though I didn't want Pygmies (had them when I was a kid and they are master escape artists) and definitely not bucks (we will castrate them) I'm glad we went and got them.  They are a bit skittish, but they are adorable and sweet goats.  For now they are in the small chicken pen, but eventually they will go out with the horses.  I'm guessing they already know to run from horses since they were used for goat tying, so hopefully Chrome won't hurt them (I'm nervous!).  I still have to think of names!!  I'm thinking of sticking to my theme from before (Kudzu, Muscadine, Jasmine, Primrose, Alyssum, Zinnia, Sassafras, Hairy Vetch, etc.), but I'm open to other suggestions as well.  :D

I've never had a Pygmy this color.  Gorgeous!

 When I was a kid I had one that looked just like the lighter one.  :)

 I'm so excited!!  I have soooo missed having goats and although I wasn't looking to get any right now, I'm thinking maybe it was meant to be.  :)


  1. Fun! I love goats. Particularly the fainting kind. Sadly our HOA doesn't allow goats (or pigs, not sad about that though). I am assuming for escape reasons.

  2. Pretty cool! I had 2 pygmy/boer crosses when I first moved to MI and didn't enjoy them at all. Escape artist is very correct and the App hated them. I hope you have better luck, we have talked about getting an extra large goat so maybe we will get a goat again someday lol

  3. Thanks guys!! Appy, you're cracking me up! I've had lots of different kinds of goats throughout my life so I'm used to their antics I guess lol. The large goats can still be destructive (leaning on fences causing them to sag, etc.) but they are definitely not as bad escape artists as the little ones. :)

  4. They are really cute! I think it was meant to be and you'll have fun with them and great looking pastures too.


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