Thursday, October 9, 2014


I am VERY frequently asked how I put watermarks on my photos and I always have a hard time explaining my method.  It's a long process that is difficult to put into words.  On a whim I went to one of my favorite resources to see what I could find... Youtube!!  It is crazy what you can find on that website.  It's one of my main go to resources.  I found the perfect video for explaining how to add watermarks showing the process I use and from now on I will be sharing this video when asked how I do it.  I have to mention I did not make this video, I don't know the person who made it, I do not own the program and I receive no money for recommending the product.

So the program I use is called GIMP.  You can download it from  It's free and a really great program for editing photos and adding watermarks.  It can be complicated and overwhelming for people new to photo editing programs, but if you have questions just check Youtube.  Seriously you can find a tutorial for everything!  I've been using it for years and I still learned new stuff tonight watching these videos!!

So here is the video that explains watermarks (LINK), but make sure to check out the other videos if you have questions.  I've had a problem trying to dock my dialog windows in the program and I found a video that explains it.  It's so simple I can't believe I never figured it out on my own lol.  So anyway I hope this helps if you've been wanting to learn how to do it or if you keep getting asked how you do it.  :D

I do want to mention something that they didn't say in the video.  When putting a watermark on your picture make sure it is fairly large and that it covers a portion of the photo like these below...

If you make the watermark too small or you put it in the very corner of your photo people can still take your pictures and crop out the watermark.  I know the watermark can distract from your photo, but better safe than sorry in my opinion.

 This last one would be very easy to crop out, which is why I put lines on it.  :)

I hope someone found this helpful.  It has sure made things a lot easier to explain for me.

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  1. P.S. The reason I sometimes don't follow the watermark rules I listed here is from pure laziness lol. So if you were wondering why some of mine are small and in the corner, that's why. :D


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