Monday, January 19, 2015

My first dog door!!

First off hubby installed the bifold doors on my laundry closet!  :D  I still have to paint them and finish trim, but I love it!

The second bit of exciting news is I have my very first dog door!!  It's a combo storm door/screen door/dog door.

Jackal figured it out so quick!  Check out this video below.

This wasn't his first time working on it.  The first time I stood outside while hubby was inside and we passed him back and forth.  He got to where he was going outside, getting his treat, spinning around to go inside to get his next treat and coming right back out.  He's so smart.  :D  I can't wait for him to figure it out all on his own because he's going to love the freedom.  Right now he still whines and asks to be let out, then I tell him to go out and he does lol.  Silly dog!

P.S.  Sorry I forgot to clean up all the tools and instructions from my counters before taking the video!


  1. Very nice! I'm sure it will save you lots of time letting him in and out. I think I must let Maggie out at leat 25 times a day.

  2. That's what I'm hoping! It will give him the option of going out in his little dog yard while I'm at work during the day too. Right now he's still asking permission to go out. Hopefully he will figure out he can go out whenever he wants to soon. :)

  3. I don't need to tell you how jealous I am. I remember wishing we could install a doggie door at our old house where we had a dog run and where the dogs were safe being outside alone, but the back door was all glass, and there was no convenient place to punch a hole in the wall. Of course, where we live now it's dangerous to even take our dogs out on leashes, so I definitely don't want them going out alone. As always, Jackal is adorable.

  4. I know!! I wish you could have a dog door but yeah it would not be safe for them where you are now!! :-(

  5. We just got a dog door too a few months ago! Love it, helped SO much with Zumi's potty training too. But I must say Lance and Vito still "ask" to go out every time and "ask" to come in even though they know how to use it well. Zumi's the only one who completely self serves!

  6. Ahh don't tell me that!!! Jackal is about fifty percent asking and going out on his own now. So I have my fingers crossed he will learn he doesn't have to ask! Congrats on getting a dog door too. I love it!!


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