Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Squirrel Spam!

 I hope your internet is fast because I'm about to spam you with a ton of squirrel cuteness!!

These pictures are from October 8th (I haven't had time to edit them) and these were the first pictures I took of Jack with an actual camera instead of a cell phone.  I had so much fun!!  We were sitting outside on the patio furniture so he could soak up some sunshine and so I could take pictures.  I might have to split this into two posts because there are so many.  Enjoy!!

We are Jack's human trees.

 I LOVE closeups of his adorable face.

 Upside down squirrel!

I wish I'd had the camera set up for high speeds.  This is what he looks like most of the time.
His nickname is Sonic/Tasmanian Devil/Velociraptor/etc.  You get the idea hehe.

Jackal supervises.  He likes watching Jack, but he hates being pounced on by him lol.

Speaking of being pounced on... if you see this look... be ready to have a squirrel attached to you.

Three, Two, One, Launch!

He also chews on everything!


Camera straps...

Fingers... sorry it's out of focus.

He loves wrestling!

I hold my hand up to him, while he sizes me up...

Then he pounces. 

He either jumps over my hand and attacks from behind or goes face on like in the above picture.

He's SO cute!  That's all for this post.  The rest of the pictures will be in the next post and there is a hair raising story to go along with it, so be sure to check back.


  1. He's soooo adorable!! I had a squirrel growing up, Sweetie Pie, and she was the greatest. Fun little critters but soooooo mischievous!

    1. He is definitely mischievous!! We have to be careful around him when he's eating too because he's food possessive unfortunately. Other than that he's a total sweetheart. I adore him!


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