Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Squirrel Spam 2!

Here are the rest of the pictures.  There are a bunch of him with the acorn, because it's so much easier to get pictures of him then when he's not jumping and leaping about.

I love these next two shots.  He looks like he's playing basketball with his acorn lol.

Doesn't it look like he's preparing to shoot some hoops?

Or there is this one where it looks like he's about to hike a football.
I should photoshop a jersey on him lol.

 What is REALLY cute is when he "buries" his acorn.....

Hiding it in the leaves.... but even though it is in plain sight to us, to him it is invisible.  I've even seen him forget where he buried it... even though it's in plain sight lol.

This cracked me up.  He was sitting in my lap with his acorn....

Then he turned his back to me and "buried" it.....

 I still see it Jack!!  Hehe. 

Where did your acorn go buddy?
Don't worry I gave it back to him.

I had fun with weird angles.

Finally chomping down on that acorn.

I love that I got a picture of this.  He holds his paws up when they are cold.

Ready for his closeup!

I showed pictures in the last post of how he likes to wrestle with my hand.  When he's worn out that's when he gets cute and cuddly!

He has to be very tired to get to the cuddly stage.

So at one point he got on the ground.....

 I wasn't too worried because he was so young and skittish and if anything scared him he'd run back to me.... however at one point he was on the back of a chair and I got up to go let Jackal in the house... he tried to jump on me as I walked past and missed.  I heard a thud and turned around in time to see him bolt up a tree...... a HUGE oak tree!

I freaked out!  I was terrified because the tree was right next to our house and a building and a bunch of other trees that he could take off into.  I was scared a hawk or cat or even another squirrel would attack him.  I stood helplessly at the bottom, yelling for my hubby.  He came running over and we watched as Jack went to the very end of every single limb, then turned back and went up to the next one.  He got about FIFTY feet up in that tree.  Hubby got me some sunflower seeds while I cried and called to Jack.

Eventually (I have no idea how long it was) he got tired and started making his way down the tree.  It felt like it took an eternity for him to make his way down.  He eventually crawled right into my hand and let me take him inside while he ate his sunflower seeds.  That was the very last time I took him outside intentionally.  He has escaped a couple of other times when people have opened doors, but luckily we've caught him each time.  I'm trying to convince people to stop opening doors when he's out of his cage because it terrifies me.  So it was a happy ending, even though it scared ten years off my life....

Who me?  I would never cause trouble!  ;)

Well that's all for now.  I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the pictures.  I can't get over how adorable this guy is.

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