Monday, June 5, 2017

Cats & Dove Update

 OrangeJello and Emerald eating breakfast together.

The cats and the rock dove are the hardest critters to get pictures of, but I haven't posted about them in a while so I thought I would try to get some for you.  The cats are easiest during breakfast because they are still.  They are always either twirling around my legs (which is when I call them my rainbow of kitties because they are all different, pretty colors) or running around at mach speed (well not lazy OrangeJello, but it's true for the other three).

 Pharaoh muscles his way in to the food bowl...

 .... but Shadow always patiently waits her turn.

The dove, who still doesn't have a name, gets free range on the screened in porch.  The poop is annoying to deal with, but it can be cleaned up and it's worth it watching her fly around and stretch her wings.  She is super happy outside of her cage.  She now coexists with the squirrel, but we don't leave them alone unsupervised.  They still don't like each other, but she's learned how to avoid Jack and he loses interest quickly.  Even when he's attacked her, he hasn't hurt her, but I won't leave them alone because you never know.  That's why I won't leave the dog and squirrel alone together either even though they haven't tried to hurt each other so far.  Jack very rarely catches her by surprise anymore.

I still need a name for her.  I never realized how hard it is to name a bird.....

Any ideas?  We've tried a few things, but nothing sticks.  The only thing I regularly call her anymore is Pretty Girl.  I don't want that to end up being her name though.

Don't worry Jack the squirrel will have his own update soon.

Oh I almost forgot about this picture I got of Pharaoh!  One of his rare moments of stillness.  His color has changed a lot since he was a kitten, but he's still very unique.  I think he's absolutely gorgeous. :)


  1. Wow, Pharaoh is one pretty cat. I was wondering about Jack. I think of him often when I see squirrels. The dove is a pretty girl. Can you name her pretty girl but in a different language? That would be more exotic.

    1. That's a really good idea for the dove's name. I'll look into some different translations and see if I can find something that suits her. Thank you!!

      Jack is doing awesome. I can't believe how much I adore that little rodent hehe.

      I agree, Pharaoh is so pretty! He is very unique. I wish he was so aloof though.... He likes tummy rubs, but only when he decides hehe.

  2. Replies
    1. I like Paloma! That's pretty. I might have to use that one, but I'm going to look at other translations before I decide just in case something else jumps out at me. Thank you for the suggestion.


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