Saturday, June 24, 2017


 When I got home from work last night I found twins!!  So exciting!

The female, Tanzanite!

The male (no name because we will be selling him and I can't get attached).

Topaz is doing a GREAT job for her first time kidding!  My only complaint is that she had them outside in the dirt under the overhang during a terrible storm, but they are no worse for wear because of it.  She had them completely unassisted and is a very responsive mother.  There were moments of confusion where she accidentally stood on one and pawed the other trying to figure out what it was, but once the hormones kicked in she was very sweet to them, grooming them and talking to them constantly.  She was wanting to groom them so bad that while we were trying to get them to nurse she was licking us because she couldn't reach them.  She even licked my ear.  It was hilarious!

 Topaz grooming her babies.

 The boy is standing up.

 She is adorable!

Are they not the most adorable family you've ever seen?

 All three eventually fell asleep.

It took a while to get them nursing.  Topaz did great, standing still and letting us do whatever we needed to with her and the babies.

 Learning to nurse is hard work and the boy had to take a nap.

 Isn't she so cute?

 So blurry, but baby yawns have to be included.

 That face!!!!!!!!!

 Tanzanite is bad about laying right under Topaz, 
but she eventually figured out how not to step on them.

 Tanzanite finally nursing!  Sorry the picture is bad.

 The boy finally nursing!  Once he figured it out he is a little pig!  
He nurses often and makes the most adorable noises.  :D

So these are Topaz and Jasper's first babies and I'm very pleased they had twins.  The female weighed 6.1 pounds and the male weighed 6 pounds!  I was almost sure Topaz would have a single (not uncommon for first timers), because she just did not look that big.  I'm kind of worried how many Garnet will have because she is enormous compared to Topaz!!  I kept thinking for sure that Garnet would have hers first, but hubby insisted Topaz would and he was right.

I will get better pictures when the weather and light improve.


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