Monday, July 3, 2017

Jasper Has Grown!

Since Jasper's kids have been getting all the screen time, I figured he deserved an update too.  I knew he'd gotten big, but I didn't realize how big until I saw him next to the does for the first time in a long time.  These pictures were taken on the 27th, two days before Garnet had her kids.  Sorry for posting things out of order.

I love these next pictures.

Jasper stood up on the branch and his weight lowered it within reach of the does.  They all came running.  It was so funny!!!  It was almost like he did it on purpose to attract the girls hehe.

 He really does like standing up on the trees hehe.

He's only fourteen months old so he has a lot of growing to do, but he is starting to look more like a mature buck.

Below are the pictures hubby took with his cell phone, so they start over in order again.

 You can see a bit of Topaz behind him.  He dwarfs her!

 I love Amethyst's expression.

Jasper and Garnet had to sort things out!  She had her kids two days later!  It's crazy how being heavily pregnant doesn't slow them down.  I love that picture.  She quickly realized he had a few pounds on her just like Coral did and gave up the fight.  It would take another grown buck to be a match for Jasper at this point.  I'm just glad he's so laid back and friendly with us.  Hubby fly sprays him and trims his hooves easily out in the pasture.  I only hold on to one horn while hubby trims his hooves, just to keep him from walking around.

 Hehe, Garnet stuffing her face.  So cute!

 He's so handsome.

 Look how big Amethyst is getting!  She's five months old now.

 I love her expressions!

 Look at that bulge on Garnet's right side.  That's the kids.

They still tilt their heads at each other in a threat, but they stopped full on fighting after the first time.

Well that's all for now.  I hope Jasper's babies grow up like him.  :)


  1. I LOVE your goat pictures!!!! The expression, their antics - so cute & funny.
    Jasper attracting the ladies by feeding them - a time honoured tradition for a true gentleman.
    Mr Shoes has veto'ed a goat on the 4Shoes.
    He won't budge for a sheep either.
    So keep the pictures coming.

    1. Aww! Maybe my pictures can help change his mind?? ;) We measured Jasper again today and he weighs 180 pounds and is 31 inches tall!! No wonder he dwarfs the does!


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