Sunday, July 2, 2017

Topaz Kids Update - 1 Week

 First off, sorry these are crappy cell phone pictures.  We are going to get their outside pen secured (the holes are too big and I don't want them getting stepped on by the horses) today so they can start going outside and I'll get good pictures with the real camera.  Second these pictures are from various days this last week.  I have the dates, but I'm not going to post them because it's really not that big of a deal.  Enjoy!

It's difficult getting a picture of them nursing at the same time.

 Napping babies are adorable.

 I love how he sleeps using his own body as a pillow hehe.  Looks so uncomfortable.

 Tanzanite was bound and determined to get in the feeder....
while brother is just eating as usual hehe.

 They are already turning into spoiled lap goats like Amethyst.

 So blurry, but SO adorable!!!!

 At six days old she finally made it into the feeder!!  She is so proud of herself!
This was the same day Garnet had her kids.

 He's chewing on hubby's shirt.

Week old lap goats.  So cute!

At a week Tanzanite is 8.7 pounds and her brother is 9 pounds.  The crazy thing is that at only two days old Red (Garnet's doeling) weighs the same as Tanzanite!!  So both girls currently weigh 8.7 pounds.  Considering Tanz weighed 6.1 pounds at birth and her brother weighed 6 pounds, they've gained a lot in a week!  Aren't they so cute?

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