Saturday, January 13, 2018

Waiting for kids is sooooo hard!

I'm going to start my post off with something other than goats for a change hehe.  Pharaoh is so cute!  He was watching the dove, wishing he could get his claws on her.

Now on to the goats.... that didn't last long lol.  Waiting for them to give birth is always the hardest part.  I can't wait to meet all the new babies.  I took these pictures last week, so I figured I would share them today, then tomorrow I'm going to get some updated pictures so you can see how much more pregnant they are getting.  Some of them are SO big!  Enjoy the pictures.

Big Mama is the opposite of most of the others.  She isn't pregnant and she's been on a diet plan to lose weight because she was obese when we got her!  We got a current weight and she's around 173lbs now.  So she's lost over twenty five pounds.  She is looking so good.  She'll have a much better chance at getting pregnant in the spring.  Obesity makes it hard to get goats pregnant, not to mention the other problems it can cause.

Doesn't she have such a pretty face?

First up here are the kids before we get to the pregnant does.

 In this one you can see Tanzanite's cashmere.  It also shows all of the black in her coat.

Her coat was looking rough.

We have since then given her first dose of copper and treated with Cylence in case of mites.  Goats have to be a minimum of six months before they can get their first copper bolus.  That's why we only just now gave it.  Copper deficiency can cause rough coats and color bleaching.  We are very deficient here, so I was just biding my time until she was old enough to supplement her.  Obviously they all get really good loose minerals, but the bolus is necessary in our area every six months without fail.

Other than that she is doing well.  She is her usual sweet and adorable self.  I also just realized I only got one picture of Andesine... she was staying in the barn mostly because it was extremely cold and windy on this day.  It was too dark in the barn to get pictures in there.... so enjoy her one and only picture.

I love her expressions!  We affectionately call her frog face hehe.

Next up is Topaz. 

I guess I only have two pictures of her, other than one I'll share at the end.  It's okay though because the two (very similar) pictures above will be good for comparing belly pictures.

This is the only picture I got of Garnet (except for one at the end) because she wouldn't get her head out of the protein lick bucket.... don't worry though because this is a great comparison picture.  I can't wait for you to see how big her baby belly is getting.

Now Coral...

I actually got quite a few pictures of Coral for a change, because she has gotten so much more comfortable around us that she doesn't just run away.  She also stares at us so I get good expressions hehe.

Mother and daughter.

I can't wait to show you current pictures of Coral.  She has gotten HUGE!

Now my favorite.... erm... I mean, now it's Amethyst's turn.

This will be a good belly comparison later in her pregnancy.  
She's still fairly early term.

She is looking so good.  

Itchy leg.  Goats love cinder blocks for many reasons hehe.

Amethyst is doing great.  I wish she didn't have that molasses on her face, especially in the pictures below.  Anyway, here are the last of the pictures.  Headshots!  I wish they weren't fuzzy.  I really need a nice camera...  I love them all anyway.  All of my girls are so cute.

 Topaz. Such cute teeth!

 Garnet finally took her head out of the bucket.  Love her markings.


My favorites are below... isn't she gorgeous??

 Love her little mini beard.

 Those blue eyes are so pretty.

 If only it weren't for the molasses covered nose hehe.

 Sorry I didn't get pictures of the rest of them.  Like I mentioned earlier the day I was taking these it was so COLD!  So cold that any exposed skin hurt really fast.  Anyway hopefully tomorrow I can get some current pictures to compare to these because there are some very pregnant goats out there.  I will also share current due dates and maybe even a countdown.  I hope you all are doing well! 

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