Monday, November 5, 2018

The Good News

For those of you who aren't familiar with Coral's story I will share it really quick.  When we decided to get goats again in 2016 we went to a breeder to pick some out.  She was offering some of her older does for a good price so we chose Coral.  The thing is she was raised practically feral out on hundreds of acres with minimal human handling. 

She was WILD when we brought her home.  She would throw herself into walls and even into us.  At one point she even jumped clear over my hubby when he was crouched down in a doorway.  Another time she jumped our four foot fence and ran away down the street.  She disappeared on acres and acres of woodland.  We had to track her down and then chase her down with a four wheeler to catch her.  It was absolutely awful.  Now, after almost three years of hard work from my hubby, look at her now.

Enjoying some horn scratches loose out in the pasture with plenty of space to run away if she wanted and no food bribes were involved.

 She practically had her eyes closed she was enjoying it so much.

 Sorry for the Tanzanite photobomb hehe.

She is still not what I would call tame, but she is definitely getting so much better.  She will approach him out in the pasture and even nibble on his fingers.  She still doesn't like to be touched further back than her neck, but I have no doubt she will eventually be just as friendly as the rest of them.  We've come a long way from the days when I thought we would never be able to touch her without cornering her first.  Way to go Coral!!

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