Sunday, January 6, 2019

More Pictures

I LOVE the photo above of Jackal.  It shows the potential this camera has when I get my you know what together.  :D  Below are a few more pictures of the goats that don't have kids that I took yesterday.  The lighting is wrong with most of these and they were the early shots so I was still figuring out how to use the lens.  Please excuse how dirty they are.  We have had SO much rain and mud the last month, it has been unreal.

 Adorable Bubbles (Coral's daughter from her last kidding).

My filthy Amethyst.  She is looking so good lately, but I'm 99% sure she didn't get pregnant.  :(

I LOVE these shots of Sapphire (Zephyr's daughter from the last kidding).  She is getting SO big and chunky.  The morning light really brings out her gorgeous chocolate color.

Last, but not least, Blossom (Coral's daughter from last kidding and Bubble's twin sister), standing on a cinder block to get out of the mud.  I can't wait for it to dry up some.  We desperately need some sunshine.

That's all for now.  I'm sure I'll be taking lots more photos for you and I hope I have time to share them fairly regularly.

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