Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! - Dogs' Christmas Gifts

I love Storm's expression here! It's one I get a lot from her hehe.

Storm got her Christmas present first.

A new bed! It has the thick foam in it to protect her aging joints from the hard floor.

She loves it!

Then Jackal got his gift.

Naughty boy is on my chaise lounge eagerly awaiting his stocking.

Mmm smells good.

"Mom, it's a little small. Help!"

He chomped it down so quick you couldn't see it, but it was a dog treat. Food is his favorite thing ever after all. Don't worry though, there's more!

They got to go to my parents house (which they love!) where we celebrated Christmas with our traditional Mexican food dinner (enchiladas, white cheese dip, tacos, taco salad, etc. also fruit salad and cupcakes yum!). They had a blast! Bet you can't guess why they are so hot and tired in these next two pictures.

I took my dad's four wheeler out to the pasture and let them chase me all over the six acres. :D Then after everyone had eaten Christmas dinner and relaxed a bit . . .

Storm gave me this look! Which means she wants to go again! So we went a second time. I will edit and upload the video I took tomorrow. :)

Waiting at the gate that leads to the pasture.

Trotting back to see what is taking my husband so long getting the four wheeler out of the shed (had to let it warm up).

Not the best quality, but the cutest picture ever!! And a perfect recall too!

A couple of very, very blurry, but cute running pictures. I was on the back of a four-wheeler so forgive me for the blur hehe.

And just for fun I used GIMP to give it an oil painting look. Cool, huh?

And Jackal's blurry running shot. This is why I mostly shot videos. :)

Love it! And below is his oil painting version.

One more cute shot of Storm.

I wish the grass hadn't been in her face, but I love how high she's stepping through the grass. Cute!!

Also had to share this because he's so cute. My mom's dog carried his bowl around all day to keep my dogs from trying to eat his food . . . even though it was empty LOL!

Well, that's all for now! I hope everyone has a very, merry Christmas!!


  1. I can tell Storm REALLY like her bed. I bet it was fun ripping around on the quads out in the back forty. I laughed out loud picturing your Mom's little dog lugging around that food bowl, all worried about his food supply. (I'm wondering if your dogs even noticed the drama) "mine, mine, mine" even though it was empty...hysterical. It sounds like you had a nice Christmas.
    Great action shots too, I think I am going to work more on those this year.
    Of course I really wish I had a better camera, who doesn't?

  2. Love all your doggie pictures but the last one had me really smiling.

    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Happy New Year too!

  3. What a wonderful collection of dog pictures.

    Thanks for stopping by to comment. I could not reply directly because of no-reply-comment blogger, so here I am.

    I removed the cast today. Just a tad better so will tackle the old post office tomorrow and see if I survive.

    Ki had her babes under the floor and the runt had a mouth full of dirt when we retrieved them. I'm sure that did not help her case any...but she still just wasn't right. I kept them under a light to help her warm, just wasn't meant to be.

    All have the pups' eyes are open and are beginning to bark and walk around. I will try them on weak puppy mix later this week.

    I am hoping to adopt them mid February (born Dec 3rd). Should be no problem especially with spay/neuter certicates. Then I must wait three weeks and Ki will be spayed.

    I fall in love with each one as I work with handling them. Not a shy one in the bunch!

    We all have favorites but there is such a thing as too many dogs and these pups would bring us over that limit, even for a working farm.

    Hope your Christmas was merry. It seems it was for your canines.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  4. Sounds like you had a great Christmas and the dogs did too. The picture of your mom's dog just made me laugh really hard. How funny are they? Great shots of your pups running around too but fully understand why you get video instead. Hope this week is slow for you!

  5. It seems you had a wonderful Christmas!! I love those photos of Jackal and Storm running!

    Thanks for letting me know that you couldn't view my swimming video. You should be able to watch it now, as I have changed the music :-)


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