Friday, April 26, 2013

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Flowers!

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary!  My awesome husband bought me a bunch of flowers!  Only he bought me living flowers that I can plant and enjoy all year instead of cut ones that will die in a vase.  :D  That's just one of the things I love about him.  :D  Here are some pictures of my pretty flowers.

 I wish this one hadn't turned out blurry!  This is my absolute favorite colored flower!

 Aren't these awesome??  I love multicolored flowers!

I had so much fun with my mom potting these today!

 My first pot of Zinnias.  There are six in the pot, but only two have blooms right now.

 This one was already potted.  I forget what the flowers are, but it's three different varieties that will look great hanging.  :D

 My second pot of Zinnias!  There are six plants in this one too.

And my pot of geraniums.  We put the tall ones in the back, the pink ones on the side and the salmon in the front.  I love the multicolored leaves of the salmon one.  :D  I can't wait until they all start blooming!  They are going to be soooo pretty!


  1. Happy anniversary, lovely thoughtful gift :)

  2. Happy Anniversary. And in your "pot of geraniums" the tall one is a Lantana, not a geranium at all :)

  3. hehehe Camryn I realized that about the Lantana after I posted it lol. I just didn't go back and edit it. Good eye!!


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