Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Disney Movies!

Okay, who else LOVES the old Disney movies that we grew up watching??  These are my favorites.  Not in any particular order.

The Lion King
My number one all time favorite!!!  Love the first and the second movies.  :D


Fox and the Hound 
This shares second favorite with Beauty and the Beast.  :D


Beauty and the Beast
Shares second favorite with Fox and the Hound.


Lady and the Tramp

The Little Mermaid

There were others I liked that came out later, like Mulan and Spirit, but the ones above were the ones I've watched since I was a little bitty kid (well Tarzan came out a bit later, but I had to include it) and will always love because they were a part of my childhood.  There are also a couple of other (not Disney) movies that I loved as a kid.  They are...

This was probably my third favorite.  :)

The Last Unicorn
I can't even pick what place this one is in lol.

There were others like The Pagemaster, Once Upon a Forest, Secrets of Nihm, The Rescuers and many others I loved, but I think the above covers my favorites.  So which was your favorite movie as a kid?

Oh and my absolute favorite non-animated movie of all time was The Labyrinth!  I still have it on DVD and watch it all the time.  :D

And one that totally deserves a mention is Ladyhawke!!  I LOVE that movie and also own it on DVD, but I actually never saw it until I was a teenager and had already fallen in love with the Friesian breed.  :)

I do not own any of these images.  They are just from Google.


  1. I usually cry just thinking about Disney movies. I grew up with Bambi and Dumbo and that ilk which always had really scary parts about mom and dad getting hurt and in trouble. Yikes! I've missed most of the most recent ones.

    Mango Momma

  2. I love Disney too. I'm not sure if I love the idea of Disney company anymore nowadays but they did make a punch of wonderful movies years ago and some new ones are also quite good. I'm not sure which Disney movie is the best... It's a very hard question. I like Mary Poppins a lot and Brother Bear, Lion King was one of my favourites when I was a child.
    My goal is to get all the classics of Disney on DVD (and all Pixars too and some Disney's which aren't classics). My co worker already has all Disney's and I envy her :D


  3. I want to get all of them on DVD too!! I had them all on VHS, but they wore out a loooong time ago. Right now I only have Lion King on DVD, but I'll get the rest of them eventually. :D

  4. Oh my goodness - I LOVED all these movies too!! :-) I'm a real old Disney addict!

    We're finally catching up with blog friends again after a long time - been really busy with overseas visitors and working like mad to finish my novel...hope you've all been well!

    Hsin-Yi & Slobbers from Honey

  5. All great! Fox and the Hound was my favorite growing up. I think the last great Disney movie was Mulan. So much has changed since then.

  6. I like Beauty and the Beast and then The Little Mermaid. My son used to watch Fox and the Hound over and over. LadyHawke and Willow are my favorite fantasies along with Labyrinth (of course, Ermmm...David Bowie and body hugging tights!!!)
    Mulan was good too.
    Recent animated movie favorite would be Tangled.


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