Sunday, May 26, 2013

My living room has a ceiling!

We are finally done with insulation and we're putting up sheet rock!!!  Yay!  My living room finally has a ceiling!  :D  This picture sucks because I tilted the camera and the lighting is horrible, but it shows you the fun slope in the ceiling.  We also got the stove pipe put in for the wood stove.  I promise I will get more pictures for you soon.  Or a video tour or something hehe.  I really need to start posting more, but I've been so busy!

P.S.  Oh and the parts where you can see the pink side of the insulation are the interior walls lol.  The door on the right is the front door.  Wait til I show you a picture facing the other direction.  We have french doors that look right at the pasture!!  I love standing there to watch Chrome.  :D

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