Monday, May 27, 2013

Pictures of progress on our new house!!

 Okay, I'm going to update you guys with what is going on since it's been so long since I actually wrote something.  When my husband got his new job in my old hometown back in February my parents said we could move in with them while we built our house.  My parents have ten acres.  On the ten acres is their house, my grandparents house and now will also have our house, so there will be three generations living together.  :)

They had already started building the house, because it was actually meant for my aunt, but she decided she didn't want to move after all so they left the partially built house closed up all winter.  When my husband got the job they said we could finish building it and it would be ours.  :D  So the foundation and walls were already done.  Since moving up here in February we have to put the siding on, do all the electricity, all the plumbing, some dead wood (wood put up specifically for nailing sheet rock to) and all of the insulation.  This weekend we finally got to start the sheet rock!!!!  It feels like things are really moving along now.  :D

The reason it has taken so long is because we were still cleaning out and prepping our old house for the renters and my dad is on call one weekend out of the month.  That meant we were only working on the house two or three weekends out of the month.  Yeah, we can only work on the weekends since we're doing it all ourselves.

So here are the pictures of our sheet rock progress!  Captions are below the pictures.

We have a ceiling!!  This is the kitchen looking toward the back door.  To the right of the back door is the laundry closet and to the right of that is the hall leading to the bedroom and bathroom.  If you look in the closet you can actually see all the way through it into the bathroom behind it (see the window?).  We were working on plumbing so we don't have all of the insulation up in the closet.  When I took this picture I was standing in the doorway to the living room.  That red thing in the middle of the room is the most awesome invention ever.  It holds the sheet rock up to the ceiling so we can nail (screw) it up!!  :D

 The kitchen from the other direction.  I was standing in the hallway to the bedroom and bathroom.  To my right is the laundry closet and the back door.  In front of me is the door that will lead to the dog yard.  To the left of that door is the open doorway into the living room.  My counters will be to the right of the door and my sink will be under the window.

My living room has a ceiling and walls!!!  This shows the fun ceiling details.  :)  It's looking into the corner where my couch and chairs will be.  I'm standing in the corner where my entertainment center will be.  On my right is the front door and wood stove.  On my left are my French doors (with a view of my horse pasture) and to the left of that is the doorway into the kitchen.

Another view of the living room with me standing in the French doors.  You can see the wood stove which will be in the corner (see the stove pipe in the ceiling?) and my front door.  The corner built in entertainment center is on my right and the doorway to the kitchen is on my left.

 This is my view out the French doors!!  I can watch my horses and donkey!

Here are the French doors.  To the left of them in the corner will be the built in corner entertainment center.  Where I'm standing will be the couch, so I'll be able to watch T.V. or look out my French doors and watch my horses.  The door on the right is actually in the kitchen.  You can see it in the pictures above.

Here is one of me standing in the front door.  You can see into the kitchen here.  We left the doorway between the two rooms big and open for air flow reasons because the air conditioner will be in between the two doors.

Here is a really bad blueprint of our house.  The scale is waaaaay off because I know nothing about drawing things like that.  I did it in five minutes just to show you the layout of the rooms.  Might make it easier to visualize.  :D

I'll update again soon!


  1. Your new house looks perfect. Bet you can't wait until its finished!

  2. Definitely can't wait!!! My husband and I are living in the upstairs spare bedroom of my parents house. It has it's own outdoor access and bathroom, but it's still very cramped. Most of our stuff is in storage. I'm sooo ready to have my own house again lol. Not to mention I'm ready to have weekends for riding horses, camping and fishing trips again instead of building a house hehe.

  3. Looks already quite nice :) I'm sure it's going to be nice house.


  4. Great progress!! That will be very exciting when it's done and you can move in and have your own space!!

  5. That's great progress and it sure is looking forward to seeing it done.

    More posts to come.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  6. I'm not sure if you just missed it out on the blueprint, but you have no window in the living room. Although it would be plausible if the door on the left is a French door. It would be enough entryway for light and would keep good air circulation. Is it? Anyway, if you have to make some necessary changes, do it earlier. Good luck! :) Kayce @Easyway Building Brokers

  7. Kayce, the walls are done so there's no going back at this point, but luckily the door in the living room is a set of French doors. :) All of the doors let in lots of light, even the normal ones so I don't think that will be a problem. We will have screen doors and a fully screened porch too so we can open all of the doors for plenty of good ventilation. It creates a great cross breeze. :) Thank you for your interest and tips!

  8. It looks like the perfect house! Can't wait to see it finished.

  9. It's everything you could need and want in a house. Perfect!


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