Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our house has a floor! Yay!

 Yay!  We got the floor put into our house!  It took us two days working almost twelve hours both days.  I was soooooo bruised and sore from sitting on the concrete floor (I can't work on my knees even with knee pads so I did it sitting Indian style until my ankles hurt too bad then just curled my legs up beside me).  At the end of both days I would crawl into bed and just cry until the pain subsided (I'm a serious wimp), but it was sooooo worth it!  The floor is gorgeous!

As you can see each shot of the living room and kitchen that the walls looks different colors depending on the light!  It looks so peach in the above picture, but it's not lol.  It's actually tan.  Still, you get the idea hehe.  We're looking at the floor anyway.

Standing in front of the French doors looking into the kitchen.  As you can see in the above picture we installed the air conditioner too, so we didn't have to lay tile in 100F degree temps!  Thank goodness!  I don't think I could have done it if I'd been hot, sweaty AND in pain lol.

Looking into the kitchen at the back door.  My husband propped up that board so he could sweep and I forgot to put it back on the floor.  That will be the color of my baseboards.  I can't wait to get them in!  The house will look basically finished with baseboards in.  :D

At this point I turned on the force flash on my camera because it was too dark without the lights hooked up and those lights turned the pictures weird colors anyway.  This is closer to the actual color, but it is a little washed out from the flash.  This is looking into the hallway.

Some shots of the bedroom.  Isn't the floor so pretty??  It's actually 12 inch vinyl tiles, but it looks like one solid floor from a distance because there is no fake grout line like a lot of tiles so you can barely see the lines.

 I can't wait to sand and stain my wood beam in the ceiling.  :)

Looking at my bedroom door and computer nook.

 The flash washed out my green walls, but that's okay.

The bathroom pictures turned out horrible.  This was the best I could do.  This is looking at the walls where our sinks and counter will be.  We might, maybe, possibly be picking up bathroom cabinets this weekend.  Fingers crossed!

Here are some close ups of the floor.  It's a mixture of brown, tan, gray and white.  Very pretty.  It goes really well with the wall colors I chose.  :D

Below is a shot without flash.  It shows the light and shadows through the French doors.  I like how it turned out.

Anyway as you can tell I'm excited!  Next step is interior doors and shower installation, so we can then stain and put in baseboards and window/door casings.  We're going to try to completely finish the bedroom, bathroom and living room sometimes in the next few weeks so we can hopefully move in.  The kitchen might take some time depending on how the money works out.  Luckily the only appliances we needs are a stove/oven combo that we have to have and a dishwasher which isn't top priority.  We already have a refrigerator, deep freezer, washer and dryer.  We still have to get a hot water heater too.  Oh and we still have to get the electrical pole up which involves cutting down some trees.... it might be another month, but I really, really hope it's no longer than that!  Fingers crossed!  I'm so impatient to move in.


  1. The house looks great, the floor really compliments the wall. Great job, congrats! Just think, in just a month you may be in there!

  2. It's starting to look like a real house now :D You've been quick.



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