Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zoo Pictures

I never got around to posting these pictures I took during a trip to the zoo months ago.  These are some of my favorites.  There were a lot of photos that didn't turn out because of fences in the way. Oh well.  Let me know what you think of them!  Oh and you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them.  :)

 Pretty lioness relaxing on a log. 

 The male taking a nap on a rock.

 Lions are champions at being lazy lol.

 Isn't she gorgeous!!  I love big cats!

 Pretty Serval... this one didn't turn out well because I took it through a chain link fence.

 The tigers were relaxing too hehe.

 So gorgeous!  Tigers were my favorite big cat when I was a kid. 

 Adorable red panda stuffing his face...

 Doesn't he look so happy!!  So cute!

 This was the only capybara I saw.  He was chilling out in the shade.

 Gorgeous male Cheetah!!!  These are my favorite big cats.  The ultimate athletes! 

 Mariana fruit dove.  I had no idea what this was lol.

 Violaceous Euphonia.  This one either!  Never even heard of it.

 I love hornbills!  Did you know these are the birds Zazu from The Lion King was modeled after?

 Laughing Kookaburra!  One of my favorite shots from the day!

Burrowing owl.

 I completely forgot to even look at what kind of penguin this was... it was fairly small.  Anyone know what kind he is?  I'm not very good at identifying the different types of penguins lol.  The king penguin and the emperor penguin are about the only ones I recognize immediately.

I don't know what these are.  I'm not as good at identifying birds as other animals.

 Gaboon Viper.  Never heard of this one before, but he's so cool!

 Komodo dragon.  I always liked these guys!

 Adorable otter!!!  I LOVE otters!  They are one of my absolute favorite animals and I would so love to have one as a pet even though I know that's not a good idea (not to mention illegal).  My husband had to drag me away from the otters.  I took a ton of video of them playing.  :D

 My elephant pictures didn't turn out very well because it was midday and the sun was too intense.  This one is pretty good though so I posted it.

 Another one of my favorite animals!  A wolf!!  Doesn't he look so relaxed?  We got to stand mere feet from him.  :D

As I'm sure you could guess Zebras are another favorite.  :D  It turned out a bit blurry....

This is an edited one...  does it look better or is it too sharp?

So what do you think?  I had soooo much fun taking them.  I love having the opportunity to take pictures of such amazing animals.  :)

I almost forgot this picture of an adorable meerkat.  These guys are tough to photograph!


  1. I would really like to go to zoo too :) There's one in Finland in Helsinki where there are more exotic animals like lions and tigers etc. And then there's few other zoos which have the common wildlife of Finland (like bears, wolves, elks etc.) and some other animals which aren't native to Finland but would like the climate. There's even two ice bears at Ranua zoo in the north :) Maybe next summer we'll have time to visit one of the zoos.


  2. Hmm I never got an email for your comment. Weird.

    That zoo sounds really cool! I hope you have time to visit it. :D


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