Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our house is painted!!

 We finished painting our house!!  My dad and husband had a three day weekend for labor day so we spent all three days priming, painting and trimming (painting edges) the house and it looks AMAZING!!!  The photos change the colors a tiny bit because the lighting is difficult, but it's close so you'll get the idea.  Let me know what you think please!  Captions are below the photos and you can click on them to enlarge them.  To see earlier posts about the house building here is the link (there are only about three other posts I think)  http://myfarmerlife.blogspot.com/search/label/House%20Building

This one was taken standing in my front door looking into the living room. I picked neutral colors, so this gorgeous creamy tan does not have yellow or green undertones, that's just the weird lighting.  The color I picked is Pecan Sandie by Behr (here's a link  http://www.homedepot.com/p/BEHR-Premium-Plus-8-oz-700C-3-Pecan-Sandie-Interior-Exterior-Paint-Sample-700C-3PP/202178228).  If you enlarge the picture and look closely at the left hand side of the wall you can see where I put a stained board up with some of my floor tiles so you can see what the finished look will be like.  Sorry I forgot to get a close up.  I might do that later.  Also the vertical part of the ceiling is painted the same color as the walls.  It looks like shadows in the photo, but it's actually the tan color.  I love the contrast and how it breaks up the angles of the ceiling.  :D

 This is a shot from the French doors looking at the front door where the first shot was taken from.  This shot shows the fun angles of the ceiling.  I love the slope!  And the vertical part around the stove pipe is painted tan too.  :)  The plastic covered thing in the center is the wood stove that will eventually be under the stove pipe hehe.

 This is another angle of the living room (standing in the doorway to the kitchen) showing the front door and on the right are the French doors.  I think I tilted the camera lol.

 This is the kitchen, standing in the same spot as the above picture, but turned around.  You can see the second side door (which will lead to the dog yard) on the very left edge of the picture and the back door in the center.  The kitchen sink will be under the window.  The stove and fridge will be on the left wall.  The thing in the center of the floor is our air conditioner.  The closet on the right is the laundry room and will also have our hot water heater.

 This one is looking into the hall to the right of the laundry closet.  The wall on the right (between the kitchen and living room) will be floor to ceiling cabinets with a counter for putting the microwave and coffee pot.

This is the same shot as above, but shifted to the right so you can see into both the kitchen and living room.  We left the doorway between the two rooms open for the best lighting and air flow.

 This is standing in the hallway looking back into the kitchen with the dog yard door on the left and the back door on the right.  The fridge will be on the far left, with the stove next, then counter in the corner and a sink under the window.  We will also have an island in the center (since we won't have a dining table) for eating and prepping food.

 This is looking into the hallway.  Straight ahead is the closet, to the left is the bathroom door and to the right is the bedroom door.  Again there are interesting ceiling details here.  The hallway ceiling (as well as all the rooms beyond) are four inches taller than the kitchen and living room.  I like how the tan part dividing the kitchen and hallway adds contrast.  :)  That huge thing in the floor is our super awesome high powered fan that helps keep us cool while we're working since it's been over 100F degrees and there is no electricity hooked up in the house yet (we're using extension cords).

This one is standing in the bedroom doorway.  The window looks out front on the same side as the front door.  You can kind of see the porch roof through the window which will eventually be concreted and fully screened in.  It runs the entire length of the front.  The wooden beam in the ceiling is where the ceiling starts to slope down toward the window (just like in the living room).  The beam is covered in paint and mud, but we will sand it and stain it.  :)  This gorgeous neutral green is our favorite in the whole house.  It is called Spartan Stone by Behr (here's a link http://www.homedepot.com/p/BEHR-Premium-Plus-Ultra-8-oz-780D-5-Spartan-Stone-Interior-Exterior-Paint-Sample-780D-5U/202182531#.UiYc39K4nLI).  We picked a very neutral green with no yellow undertones because I'm going to be painting a full wall mural of a forest on the left wall (across from our bed so I can stare at it when I go to sleep hehe).  The neutral base will allow me to use all sorts of greens and other colors in my mural.  I can't wait to start working on it.  Don't worry I will post pictures of my progress.

 In this photo you can see the slope of the ceiling on the other side of the beam.  I think I tilted the camera again.  The little nook is where our computer desk will go and on the left of that is the door.  The big blank wall (which I didn't put the stucco texture on) is where I will paint the mural.  :D  Lots of space and possibilities!

This is looking straight at the door and computer nook (I'm standing in front of the window).  And yes we had heat lamps hanging from the wiring in the ceiling so we could see while we painted lol.

Here is the bathroom.  It's difficult to get pictures because our scaffolding (for hanging sheet rock and painting) was still in there.  It is painted a gorgeous gray color called Anonymous by Behr (here is the link http://www.homedepot.com/p/BEHR-Premium-Plus-Ultra-8-oz-780F-5-Anonymous-Interior-Exterior-Paint-Sample-780F-5U/202182518#.UiYdD9K4nLI).  And no I am not endorsing Behr.  I like it, but I didn't actually use Behr to paint my house LOL!  I just picked the colors from the Behr paint chips and they matched it with a different paint that we used that I totally forgot the name of just now.  :)  In the above picture on the right is where the shower will go.  The little closet nook thing is where plumbing is and we will also be able to store some stuff in it.  The toilet will be under the window.

This is looking the other way in the bathroom.  I was standing where the shower will be.  The door is on the left.  The wall straight across is where we will have cabinets and sinks.... yep TWO sinks!!!  I hate sharing a sink with my husband so we are putting in two hehehe.  Hey if you're going to build your own house you might as well make it how you want it hehe.  Again the toilet will be under the window.  :)

So that's it!  We are putting flooring in this coming weekend.  :D  I'm so excited.  Then we will do baseboards which I'm staining myself.  Then we have to put in interior doors.  Hook up all electrical boxes, switches and lights.  Then we have to put in the water heater, toilet, shower, sinks, etc.  If I can afford it we will then put in all of the kitchen cabinets.  At that point we should get to move in!  I can't wait!  This has been a LONG process since it's just me, dad and my husband building this thing.  Literally the only thing my dad contracted out was the concrete foundation.  We have done everything else on weekends and we're paying it as we go (didn't take out a loan) so that's part of the reason it's taking so long.  I'll update again next weekend so you can see the floor.  :)


  1. Looks fantastic! Love the paint colors you chose! It is so fun doing your own house and picking out your own colors and flooring!

  2. I left a comment on your other blog, but wanted to leave another one here... It looks so great! I think it is really neat that you are building it yourselves...it is taking longer, but doing the work on your own and paying as you go is a good idea. I hope you get to move in this fall!

  3. It looks so great, I am so happy for you. Long, hard projects are long and hard but are so worth it in the end!

  4. Am I out of the loop or what? You've gone and had a house built? Fantastic! The paint looks great. It's one of the most fun things about your own house.

    Mango Momma

  5. Thank you guys!! I'm really excited with how the paint colors turned out. I can't wait to see it with the floor and baseboards. :D

    Mango Momma, I figured you had seen my posts on Facebook, but they might not be showing up in your news feed. Back in February I moved back to my old hometown and I'm actually staying with my parents while we build the house. :) My husband got an awesome job at a school in my hometown so that was the perfect reason to move back.

  6. Oh gosh I love the colors! My walls are all off white and boring. I honestly have no decorating sense whatsoever. Hurray for you for paying for things as you can. I am sure the waiting is agonizing, but you really are doing it right. Building it yourselves is so very cool too! You will soon be saving money hand over fist! I love the layout too, very nice!

  7. Congratulations! that looks awesome. And i love your new location. the photos are just stunning of the pastures and the animals. Like a fairy tale!


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