Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay I completely forgot to get pictures today... :(  I've been really, really stressed and not sleeping much because my dad and brother have the flu and it is scaring me because during my entire life I can't remember them ever getting the flu.  My brother has cerebral palsy so his immune system is not as good as most people, so it's always a little scary when he gets sick.  My brother is the main reason I'm super paranoid about getting sick and bringing it home to him... people I worked with just don't understand.  He had a fever of over 100F for three or four days, but it finally broke last night and stayed under 100F today.  It got as high as 103F which is very scary.  It's been a rough week.  So if you believe in prayer I'd really appreciate it if you could think of them.  He's improving, but he can still use the prayers and my dad is horribly sick, but he's strong so I'm not as scared.  I just hate that he feels so awful.

So the other thing I've been putting off posting (because I wanted to get pictures and haven't) is that we moved into our new house about a month ago.  It's not done yet, but I'm still loving having my own space again.  :D  We don't have a kitchen (funds ran out), but we do have a microwave, toaster oven and crock pot.  Oh and we still have our fridge.  Basically what we're missing is a stove/oven, sink, dishwasher, counters (everything is on small tables I borrowed from my parents) and cabinets, but it will come in time.

The reason I'm telling you about the kitchen is because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday ever.  I love Thanksgiving!  So my mom usually does most of the cooking, but since she's having to take care of my dad and brother, I decided to make Thanksgiving dinner.  Keep in mind I HATE cooking and I only have a toaster oven and microwave to cook in lol.  I made chicken (a turkey wouldn't fit in the toaster over and actually I just prefer chicken), dressing, sweet potatoes, rice, green bean casserole (my favorite!), cranberry sauce and blackberry cobbler with ice cream.  The dressing and blackberry cobbler were from a box and the cranberry sauce was from a can, but it was still an awesome Thanksgiving dinner for my first time ever cooking it and my first big meal cooked in my new house.  I did it as a surprise for my parents and brother.  They loved it and were amazed how well it turned out with only using a toaster oven and microwave lol.

So I'm thankful for my family, my new house, my awesome Thanksgiving dinner in my not finished kitchen, my toaster oven, my microwave, my critters and my health!  I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Well, you certainly made the best of an inconvenient situation. I hope your dad and brother get well soon. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. You're amazing! Hope your dad and brother get well quickly. Happy Thanksgiving in your new place.


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