Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaNo Update!

Yay!  I got to 20,000+ words today.  It was a total grind.  I spent hours writing today to catch up.  On day 12 I had 12,642 words.... then I didn't write for FIVE whole days!!!  Not a single word in five days!  So I wrote 7,650 words today to make up for it.  So I am back on track, but barely.  I have to be more careful.  It is just so hard to sit and write some days, especially since I am still getting things done in my new house, like installing interior doors!!  So, I'm done writing for today.  I've been staring at the computer so long I'm cross eyed!  I'll update again soon.  How are your NaNos going?


  1. Congratulations on catching up. That's a lot of words for one day!

  2. Agreed! I think the most I have written in one day (in a book, not blogging or emails) is 10,000 words. I have no idea how I did it after struggling yesterday to catch up lol.


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