Monday, March 24, 2014

Fishing & Hiking

We finally got to scope out fishing spots.  :D  I like our options around here and I can't wait until we're fishing every weekend again!  Sadly we didn't get even a nibble because it's still a bit cool out, but we still had fun.  It's been a while since we've been fishing though so Jackal was impatient and bored.  We also went way too close to his supper time, so he was a TOTAL whiny butt.  So instead I just did a lot of hiking with him instead.  The really awesome thing about our fishing area is that it has riding trails, camping sites, a shooting range, a pavilion, etc.  There are a ton of awesome amenities.  I can't wait to do lots of fishing, camping, shooting and horseback riding this summer.  :D  Here's a few more pictures.

Doing some wading to cool off and get a drink.

 Gorgeous!  I can't wait to find the perfect spot for getting sunset pictures like at our old fishing spots.

 Handsome boy!  I don't think he's lost any weight yet, but we will get there.

 Sneaking off to explore and then getting called back hehe.  He was being obstinate!

My favorite picture of the day.  Jackal surveying his kingdom.  :D


  1. Looks like a great summer being planned. Very similar to ours. Now only if it would melt the 2 feet of snow in our backyard...:)

  2. Ew! Yeah I hope your snow melts soon. I'm so over winter lol.

  3. I like not being around water, because there are less mosquitoes, but it would be awesome to have a fishing hole nearby. I miss fishing. I inherited all of my father's fishing equipment, but had to sell most of it when we moved.

  4. NuzMuz, less mosquitoes is definitely a plus for living in the desert lol! I would definitely miss fishing though... that's one of our (meaning me, dad and hubby) favorite things to do together! Too bad you had to sell most of the fishing stuff, but I guess it makes sense now that you live where you do. It would be kind of pointless to store all of it and never use it. Oh well.


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