Saturday, March 22, 2014

Signs of spring! Yay!

It is so hard to take a picture of my little peach tree, but if you look closely at the above photo it has blooms on it!!  We started the peach tree in a pot and had it a year or two before we moved.  When we moved we planted it, so it's not very old or big but it's finally blooming!  Check out the gorgeous blooms.

They are so pretty!  I know we won't get fruit this year, but it's still cool to see because it's a sign of spring.  :D  I can't wait for it to get big.  It's about three feet tall right now.  Anyone know how long it takes them to get to full height?  I guess I could just go look on google, but I like getting your feedback and experiences in comments so I figured I would ask.

Jackal is still on track for his weight loss.  I have everyone's word they won't feed him.  I've only slipped twice.  I gave him some boiled chicken that I couldn't finish one night... at least it was just chicken lol.  Another time I dropped a glob of cooked rice by accident and he got that.  He also got a single cheerio that my husband accidentally dropped, but other than that we've done well.  I think it's been harder for me than for Jackal!  I did not realize how many empty calorie snacks I was giving him throughout the day.  I feel bad, it's all my fault he's gained so much weight.  However now that I'm aware of it I will fix it.

Does anyone know if measurements are an accurate way to track weight loss in dogs?  You know how sometimes weight can be misleading in humans because of muscle and water weight, but measurements show how much weight you've lost?  I was thinking along those lines, but I don't know if it applies to dogs.

Anyway tomorrow we're probably going to go scope out new fishing spots since we haven't had time to since we moved.  I miss fishing!  Of course Jackal will go so I'll take the camera and get some pictures too.  :)


  1. Glad the diet is going well!!!

    One thing I do with leftovers on my plate is to save them for Kong stuffings. Yummy for the dogs and when I feed a kong it's pretty easy to remember to lower their actual meal rations for the day.

  2. A few years ago, the vet kept chewing us out for letting our dog, Licorice, get overweight. My family did everything we could to feed her right, but she kept gaining weight. When we moved, she dropped the pounds so quickly it made our vet worried. We couldn't figure out what had happened until we talked to one of our old neighbors later.

    "Yeah," he said. "We sure miss Licorice. She was such a sweet dog. We always gave her treats whenever she came around."

    Mystery solved XD

    Good luck with Jackal!


  3. Yep I think it was a combination. When it was just me feeding him treats it was all okay, but when I moved and he started getting dog food and cat food from my parent's and grandparent's house it was just too many extra calories! I'm hoping since I'm not feeding him anything extra anymore that he will start losing it. I had a problem with neighbor's feeding my horses at the old house. I was terrified they would give them something that would colic them because they didn't know anything at all about horses. Luckily it all turned out okay.

    P.S. Now that I think about it Jackal lost weight when we first moved because of the five acre yard, so I think he can lose it now that no one else is feeding him.


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