Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow day!!!!

We got a bit of snow (actually it's freezing rain), so of course we had to take the Jackerpup out to play in it!  He was so hyper!  He loved it and had so much fun.  :D

 Jackal posing by the pond.  

The above photo looks weird.... on my computer it's very crisp and pretty.. oh well.  It was so bright outside that I was totally snow blind.  I could hardly see my LCD screen at all, so I couldn't tell if things were blurry or out of focus.  Oh well.  We had fun and that's what counts.

My fatty pup trotting around.  He is not as fat as he looks in this picture lol.

 The ducks napping and trying to keep their feet warm.

A gorgeous Towhee that got caught on the screened in porch of the little mini cabin in the woods that my dad built years ago.  I got this picture of him clinging exhausted to the window and then I helped him find his way back out through the busted door.

 Jackal wanted to eat him so bad LOL!  Here he's poking his head back in hoping to find the bird.

Here he was trotting around staring up at the trees looking for the bird.  He'd make such a great hunting dog.

Sorry I didn't get many pictures.  My hands were hurting so bad from the cold.  I might try again later to get some more.  :D

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