Friday, June 6, 2014


Check out this cool video I got yesterday!  My dad saw a deer out in the pasture and told me about it so I grabbed my camera and stalked out there.  I followed her to the back of the pasture and got really close (hidden behind the pine trees behind the pond) before she spotted me and ran.  Then she stopped, turned around and started stomping and snorting at me (you'll see that part in the video).  I think she must have had a fawn hiding somewhere because I've never seen one so unwilling to leave.  In the video when the camera shakes that's me slapping mosquitoes because they were eating me alive.  Unfortunately the movement spooked her.  I wish the mosquitoes didn't love me so much because I'm curious how long she would have let me film her.  Even after I took off for the house I could still hear her snorting at the back property line.  I'm disappointed I couldn't watch her anymore but I had to escape the mosquitoes.  They are vicious!! Anyway I'll stop rambling and let you watch the video.

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  1. Oh how cool is that! Cute watching her bound away, white tail flagging. :-)


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